Tool dynamic balance technology introduction

1. Introduction <br> <br> from the 1980's, with the rapid development of modern manufacturing technology, metal cutting into the high-speed cutting, represented by stage of development. Due to the obvious technical advantages of high-speed cutting technology

Operation of CNC EDM machine (5)

(7) The empty hand rotates the storage drum several times counterclockwise, and the collision block cannot rotate the reversing stroke switch contact when rotating;

(8) Press the SB2 knob (wire switch) on the control panel, the storage drum rotates, and the molybdenum wire is automatic

Special refractory overview

With the development of science and technology, many new materials have appeared in a wide range of materials. Special refractory materials are a group of new inorganic materials developed on the basis of traditional ceramics and refractory materials, also known as high temperature ceramic