Welding and laser welding in the automotive industry

The car body is made up of a combination of metal components and coverings. Various prefabricated structural members, such as wind window columns, door columns, door horizontals, front and rear rafters, front and rear panels, top covers, etc., are assembled by welding and riveting. Welding

Measures to improve the durability of stamping die work (2)

2, the impact of die material selection

Choosing the right die material will prevent early die failure. The inclusions cause cracks inside the die, causing brittle fracture, which further expands to cause cracking of the die during further heat treatment and use. Wh

Coating tool introduction

Coated tools are obtained by vapor deposition on a high-strength cemented carbide or high-speed steel (HSS) substrate with a coating of several micrometers of high-hardness, high-wear refractory metal or non-metallic compound coating. The coated tool has the characteristics of high surface

Haas CNC machine tool and fixture setting and management (9)

Tip: If you are using a high speed steel drill bit, you must first use a center drill. Then drill again. This ensures the correct position of the hole. If you are using a carbide drill, it is not necessary to center the drill first because the carbide drill has a self-aligning tip. If you u

Implementation of Zhongwang CAD in Beiren (Figure)

Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a large-scale printing machinery manufacturer well-known in China and abroad for the production of “Beiren Brand” printing press. It has been producing printing m

Brief Introduction of Application of CNC Turning and Milling Technology

Turning and milling has been an unclear term. A turning center equipped with a rotary tool function is sometimes called a turning and milling machine. And there is a special metal machining operation that really deserves to be called "turning and milling", that is, using a rotatin