Research progress of tool coating materials (6)

Cemecom's new nanostructured Supernitrides coating contains high levels of elements that produce different oxides. These coatings combine the excellent wear resistance of hard coatings with the chemical stability of conventional oxide coatings to provide excellent thermal and chemical s

Haas CNC machine tool and fixture setting and management (4)

The edge detector consists of two concentric cylinders that are joined together by springs. When in use, place the edge detector in the collet chuck, slightly offset between the two halves to create a wobble when rotated. Then slowly push the part into the swing end of the edge detector. Th

Research on Simulation Model of SolidWorks Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Hybrid electric vehicles use traditional internal combustion engines and electric motors as power sources to start the car by mixing two systems of thermal energy and electric energy. In low speed and low power operation, the engine can be turned off and driven by electric motor. When drivi

High performance coating tool has great advantages

1. <br> <br> hardness of the coating of the high surface hardness is one of the best ways to improve the tool life. In general, the higher the hardness of the material or surface, the longer the life of the tool. Titanium Nitride (TiCN) coatings

Industrial Automation Industry Status and Future Development Trends (4)

At present, in the competition of various fieldbuses, COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) communication technology represented by Ethernet is becoming a new bright spot in the development of fieldbus. Its focus is mainly on two aspects:

(1) Whether there can be a unified fieldbus standa