China's automobile foundry industry at the turn of the century (2)

The cylinder block is the largest automotive casting with the core. In addition to the thin and complicated water jacket core, depending on the conditions of each factory, the core of the cold core box is used, the core of the hot core box or the core of the shell core, and the other sand c

The special value of vertical grinding tools

Up to now, we are used to machine tools that differ from conventional and traditional forms. Every new way of arranging axes or locating cutting tools and workpieces has prompted us to rethink the basics of metal cutting and discover new options to produce parts more efficiently.


Operation of CNC EDM machine (4)

2. Introduction to CNC-10A Graphical Auto Programming System Icon Commands and Menu Commands

The operation of the CNC-10A graphical automatic programming system is concentrated in 20 command icons and 4 pop-up menus. They form the basic working platform of the system. On this platf

Preparation of Gradient Carbide Coating Substrate (2)

Gradient cemented carbide substrate coating

In order to improve the cutting performance of cemented carbide, more than 80% of cemented carbide tools in industrialized countries are surface coated. For decades, double-coated, triple-coated and multi-coated composit

Preparation of Gradient Carbide Coating Substrate (5)


The TiC formed during the chemical reaction is deposited on the surface of the substrate. However, it has been found that in the process of chemical vapor deposition of TiC coating, the following reactions are carried out:


Impact of circular sawing machine and saw blade on machining quality (2)

The torsion moment generated by the resistance of the block material during the sawing process on the cutter shaft can be decomposed into the vertical upward top support force and the horizontal direction torsional moment. Both moments pass through the cutter shaft, and the slide plate acts

Application of Modern Numerical Control Technology in Sheet Metal Processing

With the continuous development of technology, the application of computers in mechanical aided design, modern CAD/CAM, FMS, CIMS are widely used in numerical control technology. CNC machine tools have experienced five stages of development since they were successfully developed in the Unit

Pushing of large spiral angle oil groove

In the mechanical parts, the surface of the inner surface of the sliding bearing needs to be opened with various forms of oil grooves such as straight lines or spirals, so that the lubricating oil is fully distributed to the bearing working surface to reduce the friction between the bearing an

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"Noise and Vibration Control Engineering Handbook" This manual starts with the basic theory of noise and vibration control technology, systematically expounds sound insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, vibration isolation, damping vibration suppression and the latest active