Multi-function universal wheel

The steering wheel shown in Figure 1 is used in heavy duty workbench, tool cabinet, mobile work chair, cargo storage rack, sofa, washing machine, bed and refrigerator. Convenient and practical, beautiful and generous. The structure of the main body 1 is as shown in FIG. 2. The function of the

Slotting knife

Our product 300g injection molding machine parts worm gear box, there are two inner bearing slots of the bearing limit block (Figure 1). Originally processed on the T68 horizontal boring machine, the boring after the boring, the slab working time of each piece takes 4 hours, the operation is t

Book news

This book comprehensively and systematically introduces all aspects of NC programming and related basic knowledge, focusing on the basics of NC programming, process analysis and processing in programming, numerical calculation in programming, automatic programming and automatic programming sys

Application of magnetic bearings on machine tools

The rapid development of modern industry and science and technology, the development of new frontier technologies such as new energy, ocean, space and bioengineering, including microelectronics technology, requires special technical equipment, and the manufacture of these technical equipment r

Shearing shear bevel

The ordinary shearing machine is suitable for cutting block or strip thin sheets and providing blanks for the next process. In actual production, it is often encountered to cut a workpiece with a beveled angle. The usual method is: cutting into a block or strip of material, and scribing the li

WEDM processing skills

With the rapid development of China's industrial technology, especially in recent years, the development of high-precision, main hardness and high-complexity molds, EDM wire cutting processing has attracted more and more attention. At present, various numerical control electric discharge w

One foot depth micrometer

As shown in the figure, the ordinary depth micrometer is removed from one foot, and the bearing surface of the foot is ground with a notch to reduce the contact between the measuring surface and the workpiece to ensure the positioning accuracy. The size of some small parts can be measured. For

Milling machine quick calibration tool

It is convenient and easy to calibrate the straight line on the milling machine because there is a coordinate workbench guarantee. However, the circular workpiece is on the milling machine, and it is more difficult to correct the center line of the workpiece on the center line of the milling m

Repairing diesel exhaust manifold with WP01 glue

Bonding technology has a wide range of uses in various sectors of the national economy, especially in the rail transport sector, where many units have solved many major issues. Repaired a large number of equipment and scrap parts, changed the process and shortened the repair time. We applied t

Application of liquid plastic in grinding fixture

The YC series products produced by our factory have an annual output of more than 200,000 pieces. The tongue and iron core end faces of the products need to be ground. The verticality of the end face and the outer circle is only O.03mm. Grinding processing, large dimensional dispersion, differ