Milling hexagonal rapid indexing device

At present, the milling six-way generally uses the universal indexing head indexing and uses the following three methods: one is to machine on a horizontal milling machine with two three-face milling cutters (Fig. 1), and the second is to process on a vertical milling machine. (Fig. 2), the th

Eternal life in independent innovation

The gear is embedded in the national emblem to represent industry and is a symbol of the machinery industry. The gear industry is the most technically intensive and capital-intensive industry in the machinery industry. Gear transmission is the main transmission component of almost all complete

Sleeve type air intake device

The original sewage spray shop in our factory uses the axial flow fan. This method of eliminating the dirty gas has a big disadvantage. When the axial flow fan works, a large part of the paint mist remaining after the paint is directly adhered to the axial flow fan. On the fan blade, the more

Processing Technology Analysis and Fixture Design of Plunger Oil Pump Shaft

The plunger pump shaft shown in Figure 1 is one of the key components of the oil pump. Due to its singular shape, machining is difficult. To this end, we have designed the sleeve fixture shown in Figure 2, which has been proved by production practice to not only ensure the processing quality o

TK6411 CNC horizontal milling and boring machine

First, the use and characteristics of the machine tool 1. This machine is mainly used for processing parts with high precision requirements. It can process five working faces of the workpiece after one clamping, and has a wide range of holes such as drill, expansion, dumplings and enamel. Mach

Skillfully unloading four-jaw chuck

The C630 and C620 lathe four-jaw chucks are generally threaded with the lathe spindle, and the outer diameter is centered. When removing the chuck, use a crowbar or a reversing head to loosen the top bar counterclockwise, then remove the chuck. Sometimes the chuck is not replaced for a long ti

Bevel drive inner hole grooving tool

Our factory processes a liquid distribution plate with 14 φ30_0~(+0.52)mm holes in a plane of 298×210mm. Each hole has a φ33.4_0~(+0.1)mm and a width of 5±O. The 25mm ring groove has been previously processed on a lathe with a four-jaw chuck, which is very inefficient. To this e

Large spherical workpiece turning device

Figure 1 is a machining diagram of a self-aligning sliding bearing of a ball mill. In order to process on the C630 lathe, we designed and built a spherical workpiece turning device. Figure 2 is a schematic diagram of the motion mechanism of the device. O is the center of rotation of the workpi

Tube joint preloading machine

The tube joint is a new type of pipeline coupling component in the hydraulic system. It has a compact appearance and beautiful appearance than the spherical, flared and other pipe joints. It has good performance in multiple disassembly and assembly. The system is under high pressure and the st

Jiang Haoran and his electrician class

In J975, Master Jiang Haoran entered the Changzhou Tractor Factory. In the 1980s, the quality and output of Dongfeng-12 walking tractors in Changzhou Tractor Plant took a big step, moving forward at an annual rate of 16%. However, the electrical equipment is outdated, the equipment is faulty,

Analysis and elimination of common causes of metal cutting machine tools

Some zero-moving parts on the machine tool, such as slides and guide rails, shafts and sliding bearings, worms and worm gears, often have scratches or grooves on the surface after running for a period of time. We call this phenomenon hurt. The grinding damage destroys the precision of the mach

Deep hole aid

Our factory undertakes a batch of foreign trade parts with a hole diameter of φ25~φ27mm, a depth of 200mm, a hole surface roughness value of R_a0.8 and an accuracy of IT8. In the process of processing, due to the relatively large diameter of these pieces, it is impossible to proce