Rational use of vitamin feed

First, the choice of vitamin feed

The choice of vitamin feed should be determined according to the purpose of its use, production process, comprehensive consideration of the stability of the preparation, processing characteristics, quality specifications and price.

How to choose the first door lock for home safety

How to choose the door and window locks? Door and window locks are related to the safety of the whole family. What kind of locks are best? The following points should be noted when selecting locks.

First, we should choose products with high reputation, stable q

New Synthesis of 4-Methylcinnamic Acid:****

Anti-TB drugs are a class of drugs that block the action of **** receptors, go against alpha, fight against neurotransmitters, or mimics, and are also known as **** drugs. Blockers. There are many types of anti-TB* drugs in the pharmaceutica

Tapered roller bearing product information


The tapered roller bearing can be separated, and the assembly consisting of the inner ring and the roller and the cage and the outer ring can be respectively mounted by tapered roller bearings. Corrected contact lines at the roller a

Winter greenhouse flower antifreeze essentials

1. Add a cover. In the evening, a small shed should be placed in the shed and covered with straw curtains. At night, add grass or corn stover around the greenhouse to increase the temperature from 1 °C to 2 °C. Add a thin layer of enamel on top of the original grass to increase the te

The future of wind energy

In the winter in Europe, the debt crisis has raged. The governments of various countries have tightened monetary policy, and fiscal expenditures have been drastically reduced. Many countries’ subsidies for new energy have also dropped significantly.

How to use the noise meter correctly?

A noise meter, also known as a noise meter or sound level meter, is the most basic instrument for noise measurement.

The correct use of noise meters directly affects the accuracy of measurement results. When measuring, the instrument should select the correct gear according to the sit