Copper fell 21% in 2011

LME ** was closed higher on the 30th, improving risk appetite, and short-covering at the end of the year boosted the market's upward momentum. Copper fell by 21% in 2011, aluminum fell by 18%, and tin fell by 29%.

Integrated media reported on Dece

Flooring: Teach you how to buy laminate flooring

Composite wood flooring is divided into laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring.

Laminated wood flooring is not only not need to be polished, waxed, and maintained, but also has the advantages of convenient installation and novel styles. It has been favored by more and mor

Management Techniques of Yunnan Winter Wheat Field

1. The wheat field should be timely watered and fertilized. At present, it is already or is in the process of jointing. It is necessary to pay close attention to extracting fertilizer and water for irrigation. The urea of ​​about 10 kilograms per mu should be filled with water

How to prevent apple mildew before flowering

Symptoms: The disease is mainly harmful to the fruit, causing fruit heart rot and early shedding. The fruit suffers from the ventricle and gradually spreads out. The fruit of the disease is brown, full of gray-green mold, sometimes pink and mildew. During the st

Submersible pump use points

Miniature submersible pump compact and lightweight, in rural areas play an important role in production and living, should pay attention to the following points in use. A purchase submersible pump should pay attention to its model, flow and lift. If the specifications used inappropriately, will

China's steel market: Cliff Baizhang has beautiful flowers

"Baizhang ice cliffs, there are flowers pretty." Despite the dark cycle, the steel market is still struggling. Recently, under the central bank's downward adjustment of the deposit reserve ratio, the six central banks' joint efforts to pre