Pollution-free radish cultivation points


The pollution-free radish should focus on the selection of the land, and the source of the irrigation water should not be polluted. In addition, the radish has a wide adaptability to the soil, and the soil is required to be deep, water and drainage. Good sex and rich in orga

Green fruit base pesticide use requirements

The use of pesticides in green fruit production must comply with the guidelines for the use of pesticides for the production of green foods. Whether it is the production of AA grade green fruit or the production of grade A green fruit, it is for

Iron ore index welcomes "China label"

[Core Tip:] The "China Iron Ore Price Index" program will begin trial operation and is expected to begin to function around 2014. With the changes in the pricing power of iron ore in the future, for domestic enterprises, the investment opportunities for iron ore will also increase,

Diamond countertops - enjoy 5mm high

Recently, Jiexi upgraded King Kong King table developed by Changsha Jiexi Industrial Co., Ltd. officially met with consumers. According to market research, diamond countertops have advantages that are unmatched by other materials in terms of grinding, pressure resistance, high temperature re

The machine's revenue and expenditure is refurbished.

Since the beginning of this year, the world economy has been in the recovery stage after the financial crisis. Countries have accepted a series of effective measures. The rate of economic growth has gradually been adjusted, and the domestic market needs to grow. At the same time, all kinds o