What is electrophoretic aluminum profile

1. Extremely strong corrosion resistance: The surface corrosion resistance is extremely high, which can effectively prevent acid, alkali and salt erosion. It is the best variety of anti-healing mortar cor

HDPE pipe connection and installation

HDPE pipe connection and installation:

1. Socket adhesive method: use hot melt adhesive, suitable for low pressure water supply and drainage, sewage, the advantage is the lowest in formation. The

Anti-corrosion coating industry will set off a green **

Anti-corrosion paint is getting more and more attention, and now the international anti-corrosion work has entered the white-hot stage, has set off wave after wave of anti-corrosion, and this wave is getting bigger and bigger.

Anti-corrosion paint fil

Symptoms and control methods of yam anthracnose

Yam anthracnose symptoms

Mainly harmful to leaves and canes. The leaf lesions produce dark green water-stained small spots from the tip or leaf edge, and then expand to brown to dark brown to elliptical or amorphous large spots. The middle of the lesion

Three coups to create a creative wall

In recent years, most of the home decoration styles are mainly simple, and many people have eliminated the wall-painting ideas of the whole red and green, and replaced them with refreshing white walls. Ho

Anti-rust aluminum features and uses

[China Aluminum Network] LF21 is a widely used rust-proof aluminum, its strength is not high, can not be heat-strengthening, high plasticity in the annealed state, and good corrosion, good weldability, poor machinability . Used for the manufacture of low load parts such as fuel tanks, tubin

Pump classification and working principle

First, the classification of pumps Pumps and more generally to the structure and role of the principle to classify, sometimes according to the needs of the department, use, power type and pump hydraulic properties such as classification. (1) There are agricultural use pumps (agricultural pumps