Chinese copper and aluminum demand will ebb in 2014

October 10 news, Goldman Sachs Group (Goldman Sachs Group Inc.) said that China's strong demand for copper and aluminum supported by engineering construction will continue at least until the middle of next year, and then in 2014, this wave of demand will e

Introduction of three-layer parquet

Parquet flooring is a type of flooring derived from the solid wood flooring family. It is favored by many families for its natural woody feel, easy installation and maintenance, anti-corrosion and anti-mo

Bamboo and wood laminate flooring

Bamboo-wood composite flooring is made of bamboo as the main raw material, and wood as the auxiliary material. On the basis of the production of solid wood composite flooring, it adopts modern equipment a

Oriented strand board

One of the new varieties of particleboard. When the shavings are formed, the mixed particleboards are arranged longitudinally in the direction of the fibers, thereby pressing the prepared particleboard. T

Ferroalloy general use

1 deoxidizer. In the steel making process, the oxygen in the molten steel is removed, and some iron alloys can also remove other impurities such as sulfur and nitrogen in the steel. 2 alloy additives. Acc

How to keep the remaining pesticides in winter

Because there are not many opportunities for pesticide application in winter farmland, or basically stop. Some farmers have not used up the pesticides, so how to properly preserve the pesticides, avoid the failure of pesticide volatilization and human and animal poisoning accidents?

IKEA simple country style sofa area collocation

Metals, natural soft pines, linens and other natural fabrics that are used for old paint effects are just the quick recipes for a simple country style. Inspired by old farms, factories, schools and hospitals, everything in those place

Distribution of parquet

Solid wood composite flooring can be generally divided into three types of solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring and joinery composite flooring. There are more than 20 t