Yucheng Diamond Industry Development Road

Abstract I. The initial stage: the production of the workshop, the development of the Xinghuo Yuyuan Yucheng diamond industry began in the mid-eighties of the last century. At that time, there was a state-owned enterprise drawing die

Four factors directly affect GPS antenna performance

GPS is a terminal that performs positioning or navigation by receiving satellite signals. The antenna must be used to receive the signal. GPS satellite signals are divided into L1 and L2, and the frequencies are 1575.42 MHz and 1228 MHz, respectively. L1 is an open civil signal and the signal

Toilet purchase and installation precautions

With the improvement of people's living standards, toilets are no exception to the fact that some necessities are not simply satisfied with the basics that can be used or used. How do we look at the t

Bamboo flooring purchase four principles

Bamboo flooring is naturally used by nature and is favored by many consumers. Consumers still have a lot of places to understand when buying bamboo flooring. The quality of flooring products is uneven. Pa

Japanese 3D printing simulation doll: real human clones

Real human clone doll is extremely high in simulation

For Japanese brides, the wedding photos are outdated. The most fashionable thing today is to make a 3D printed real human clone doll for the bride, let it permanently record the bride's

What is the cause of the vibration generated by the centrifugal pump?

Vibration caused by poor design of centrifugal pump: the rigidity of the centrifugal pump is not enough, the hydraulic design of the impeller is not well considered, the static balance of the impeller is not strictly required, the structure of the bearing seat is not good,

Replace the lower bearing of the door machine with the jacking method

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