135 flat romantic Mediterranean decoration renderings

The Mediterranean-style furniture is quickly accepted by the large regional population outside the Mediterranean with its affluent pastoral style and soft tones and combinations. The richness of products, the long coastline, the diversif

Salt furnace heat dissipation

The furnace gallbladder often has deformation phenomena such as bulging, twisting, etc., which directly lead to the looseness of the refractory bricks, leading to salt leakage and cracking in the brick seams, causing the concrete layer to cavern and crack, affecting the life of the salt f

Develop new monitoring tool bags or plant vibration to restore sound

According to media reports, as an important means of surveillance, it is generally installed with a bug or a miniature camera, but these are still very dangerous and easy to find. Recently, American researchers have developed a new type of technology that can monitor t

Re-do or use the method of punching and installing the expansion bolts.

The fiberglass cloth is firmly bonded to the base layer, and after drying, it is mixed with cement (1kg: 2.5kg) with 923 glue to form a glue putty, which is scraped twice to survive. Spray coating construction is carried out after the moisture content of the surface layer reaches the req

The brand living room wall clock recommends you to be a punctual person

There are many brands of wall clocks in the living room. At present, there are mainly domestic wall clock brands: 35, Bawang, Kangbas, Polaris, and Uranus. International brands include: RHYHM Lisheng, SEIKO Seiko, Fundamental Vande Magnesium, MOCOSO Magic Stone, GMO, Disney and so on. Let&