Difference between miniature vacuum pump and large vacuum pump

With the rapid economic development in China, the demand for vacuum pumps in industrial fields is also growing. In the face of fierce competition in the vacuum pump market, how can users choose the products they need? Large vacuum pumps What is the difference between the miniature vacuum pump

New image of classical furniture

This year, the Xianyou County Labor and Employment Center and the Fujian Classical Furniture Association have trained more than 1,000 mahogany shopping guides for the Xianyou classical furniture industry.

As the capital of Chinese classical furniture, there are more th

Make a built-in closet for your bedroom!

If you want to save the bedroom space and want to facilitate storage, then the built-in bedroom closet is sure to be your first choice. So when we are decorating, how do we make a built-in bedroom closet? And listen to Nantong furniture

How to maintain and maintain the plate feeder

How to repair and maintain the plate feeder From the structure of the heavy plate feeder, the drive, spindle device, tensioning device, link plate device and roller are the key points for maintenance and service. The major overhaul of the B1500×9000 heavy-duty plate feeder was to replace th