LED eye injury is a medical problem?

"In addition to mobile phones and lighting, LEDs are now more and more used in our lives." Recently, the theme hosted by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and Shanghai University i

The cradle of Hua Hongjie Diya classical mahogany

Hua Hong Jie Di Ya mahogany furniture , selected Burmese rosewood, hand-built, opened the European-style mahogany era of Chinese and Western. Pure hand-carving makes Huahong furniture attract a lar

Plastic network inventory related issues in the plastics industry in 2014

In 2014, the domestic plastics industry experienced the implementation of coal-to-olefins projects, the implementation of various anti-dumping policies for Chinese plastic products in Europe and the United States, and the diving of crude oil futures (WTI fell below US$55/barrel); Policy, pr

Common valve torque calculation method

The valve is a control component in the fluid delivery system and has functions such as cut-off, regulation, diversion, prevention of backflow, regulation, shunting or overflow relief. According to Xingke Hardware Network, the valve is a control component in the fluid

Painter's solid wood coating still needs to be upgraded

In recent years, looking back at the proportional relationship between panel furniture lacquer and solid wood furniture lacquer, it is easy to see that the share of solid wood furniture is increasing and the momentum is relatively fa

Modern bar coexists with former palaces

Modern bar coexists with former palaces

After the sea and the north, it starts from Yinding Bridge in the east, and connects the west and Houhai West. At present, the most prosperous is

Solid wood kitchen cabinet how about solid wood kitchen cabinet type

Many consumers believe that there is only one massive wood cabinets, in fact, the whole cabinet wood is still classified, only by understanding the different categories and characteristics of wood whole cabinet in order to choose the most suitable for our

Safety helmet lateral stiffness tester operating instructions

A, helmet lateral stiffness test machine for testing purposes <br> <br> helmet lateral stiffness test machine is used for performance testing helmets lateral rigidity.

Second, safety helmet lateral rigidity testing machine should have the function

The working principle and classification of safety valve

When the pressure of the container exceeds the design specification, the safety valve is automatically opened to discharge the high pressure inside the gas reducer to prevent damage to the container or pipeline. When the pressure in the container drops to the normal op

10 methods to verify the authenticity of FAG imported bearings

Bearing is a component that fixes and reduces the coefficient of friction of the load during mechanical transmission. It can also be said that when other mechanisms are relatively moved relative to each other on the shaft, the mechanism for reducing the coefficient of