Sample coatings should be cautious

In the home store, in order to allow consumers to easily identify the quality of the paint at the time of purchase, the merchant usually opens some paints and finally treats them at a low price. These sample coatings are favored by many consumers because of their high

Big Mac "Charging Treasure" Helping New Energy Vehicles

How big can the charging treasure be? The answer given by Beiqi New Energy can be scary. On May 16th, at the opening ceremony of Beiqi New Energy Self-built Public Charging Station held at Jimei Home Dahongmen Store, BAIC New Energy exhibited a mobile charging treasure

Construction Machinery Market in Western Development

Shandong Construction Machinery Factory has grown from a collective enterprise that produces small agricultural machinery to a state-owned large-scale enterprise today. It ranks among the top ranks of loaders in the country. In addition to the spirit of courage to be innovative, Shandong

"Lock King" Li Shande Quanzhou rewards 2.1 million luxury car 玥玛锁 seeking "砸牌牌"

Sports bracelets are not enough to try smart sports socks!

According to reports, the smart socks developed by Sensoria officially launched online selection market on May 5.

These smart socks feature a special sensor fiber fabric that ensures close-knit detection of relevant motion data: speed,

Electric wrench

The torsion shear wrench is mainly a final tight torsion shear type high-strength bolt. Its purpose is to break the torx head of the torsion-shear high-strength bolt. When working, align the wrench head with the bolt head and pull the switch to start working. After a few se

Micro EDM Technology in Micro Mould Manufacturing

With the advancement of nanotechnology, products continue to develop toward miniaturization, and micro-electromechanical systems with feature sizes of micrometers are becoming more and more highly valued by people.

MEMS "Micro-Electro-Machanical Systems"

Machinery Seal

The seal ring is a general term for the moving ring and the stationary ring (the same below), and the price is low.
Machine seal work should pay attention to the problem Precautions during installation a. Pay great attention to avoid the installation deviation caused b


It refers to the spatial extent in which the mixing phenomenon occurs. For the mixing of liquid systems, macro-mixing refers to the mixing of fluids on a macroscopic scale, caused by the macroscopic flow of the fluid, which involves mixing in the equipment due to shear forc