Home fire prevention knowledge

With the development and progress of society, the use of fire, electricity and gas by residents has increased year by year, and the problem of home fire protection is becoming more and more serious. Fire experts remind you that everyone should establish a concept of fi

How to guarantee the safety of lottery betting stations

Betting stations in Ningbo, Yichang and other places were robbed on June 11th and 17th. As lottery tickets are familiar to more and more people, the safety of lottery betting stations is also getting more and more attention.

Prospects for the mahogany furniture market are optimistic

It is hard to say clearly when the name of mahogany furniture began to appear, but the mahogany furniture we are referring to today is based on the national standard "Redwood" issued in 2000. The "Redwood" national standard locks some traditional furniture materials into re

Acceptance of wood lacquer still depends on these 7 details!

Seemingly ordinary wooden furniture, once coated with wood paint, immediately become tall and uplifted with wood? But sometimes, if you do not handle it well when you paint it, it will just make you feel better. So how can we judge whether paint is in place? Today Xiao Bian gave you talk a

Five ways of smart home wiring during construction

Home smart wiring generally has the following five ways:

1. Star connection 2, Bus connection 3, Power line carrier connection 4, Infrared connection (IR) 5, Wireless (RF) connection 1. From a stability point of view, the star connection is the most stable and reliab

How to maintain the hydraulic bolt tensioner?

1, must be strictly in accordance with the specification requirements of the method of operation, can not arbitrarily increase the hydraulic tensioner input working pressure and bolt tension length, so as not to damage the

Does winter furniture come to make up your water?

With the onset of the winter, the skin is dry, everyone starts to pay attention to replenishment, but do you know? The dry winter will not only make our skin dry, but it will also cause the furniture to become dry. So how do we make water for the furniture?

First, wipe with

Steel structure pipeline anti-corrosion paint use points

Yan Darong (Jinling Special Coatings Factory, Yangzhou 225212, Jiangsu Province) removes rust from ordinary steel by sandblasting to remove rust, oxide and other debris. The surface treatment quality control shall meet the Sa2 standard specified in GB8923 “Standard grade and rust removal