Is the plastic floor bad? Is the plastic floor toxic?

At present, there are many kinds of floor materials on the market, such as solid wood, composite, bamboo, plastic, etc. The flooring of different materials gives us different experience. Because of its environmental protection, comfortable wear-resisting, anti-slip and anti-bacterial prope

How long can the floor sticker use the advantages of Pvc floor sticker?

The popularity of flooring in all flooring materials is still quite high. On the one hand, the floor can bring more warmth to the space. On the other hand, the hardness of the floor will be smaller than the tiles. However, the use of flooring will have varying degrees of wear for a period

How to deal with the door installation size standard is too much

As we all know, the size of the door joint will not only affect the aesthetics of home improvement, but also affect the daily use. However, since most young people are busy with their work all day long, they don’t know much about the size of the door installation. So, for the owners

Depth analysis of steel for automotive fasteners!

The rapid development of China's auto industry has increased the demand for steel materials. Although China has been the world's largest steel producer for many years, the steel for automobile engines and key components is mainly i