The price of oil in the last round of the year rose by 435 yuan / ton

The 11th increase in oil prices for gasoline increased by 435 yuan/ton of gasoline and diesel oil by 70 yuan per ton, and the filling of a box of 92# gasoline costed about 2.5 yuan; the next price adjustment window will open in January next year. The reporter learned from the National Developme

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1. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: 1 billion people in the country hold social security card social security fund accumulated balance of 7.4 trillion 2, Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group: Environmental Inspector completed 31 provinces full coverage has been accou

What are the characteristics of the Schneider switch?

The switch socket is installed on the wall surface to connect and control household appliances and electric circuits. Many times people look beautiful and will choose more decorative switch sockets. Well, today Xiaobian has recommended a good brand "Schneider". How about