Artificial intelligence opportunities and challenges experts say

On the 8th, Kai-fu Lee swept the screen again. On the same day, the Beijing Frontier International Artificial Intelligence Research Institute was established in Beijing, and Li Kaifu, the chairman of the Innovation Works, was the first dean.
"Currently, many people regard

How is the carpet washed better? Common sense of how to wash carpet

The place we most want to return to work after a hard day is a home full of warmth. So the style that reflects the warmth of a home cannot be renovated! So the general carpet is the best choice for most people now. But everyone knows that cleaning carpets is a grinding operati

How to choose ceiling materials for ceiling materials?

Nowadays people like to decorate the ceiling. Nowadays, the ceilings need to be carefully decorated. There are many styles for us to choose. The materials of the ceiling are different kinds, so we need to master some skills in the purchase. What are the ceilin