What is the basis for setting the cooling time of injection molded parts?

In the injection production process, the plastic injection molded parts cool down about 80% of the entire injection production cycle. Poor cooling often results in warpage of the article or surface defects that affect the dimensional stability of the article. Properly arranging

Imported knowledge of imported recycled plastic granules

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In 2018, the number of imported plastic granules imported by Chinese enterprises has increased tremendously, but some enterprises hav

How to scientifically control cherry brown rot?

The brown rot of cherry is mainly harmful to flowers and fruits, causing flower rot and fruit rot. At the beginning of the disease, the flower gradual brown is brown until it is dry; in the later stage, a layer of taupe powder is formed, and the disease begins f

How much glazed tile a piece of glazed tile has what characteristics

Glazed tile is a common roof decoration material, it uses ore material, after high pressure molding, high temperature firing, widely used in factory buildings, residences, villas and other architectural decoration. Glazed tile is rich in color and decorative effect, so it is loved by users

What are the types and specifications of wire and cable price lists?

Now people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the frequency of use of electrical appliances is getting higher and higher. In the renovation of the house, the installation of hydropower is a concealed project. We must first determine the direction of the wires and the

What are the six bookcase style pictures in common bookcase styles?

When it comes to bookcases, I believe everyone is familiar with it. The bookcase is one of the indispensable furniture in the study and plays an important role in the study decoration and storage. When you configure the study bookcase, you must first understand the style of the bookcase so

Home decoration company's decoration process home with what style

Renovating a house is a big problem and it is something that every family has to go through. Renovation is a very tedious task. The face of decoration in addition to the first to determine the style of decoration, I believe many people are not very clear the decoration process, then today