37 square decoration how to design 37 square decoration design points

There are many styles in the design of the house, so when we decorate the house, we will design the style now, and then decorate it. The small-sized house is more troublesome because there are so many problems to consider, so we must master some skills. the 37 square decoration how to design it? What are 37 square decoration skills? If you just want to learn and see in small series with the decoration of the home network.


First, how to design 37 square decoration

1.37 square meters of small apartment decoration bedroom can only save in the province, space should not be placed in other furniture space, the two wardrobes are also placed separately. The bedroom has only 5 square meters of space, and no other colors are used in the decoration to avoid the chaos or visual fatigue of the room. The simple white color can bring out the romantic elements of the Nordic style.

2. The cement ceiling is integrated with the overall structure, and the design style of the industrial style is very unintentional. Light wood flooring with a small mobile desk, small space expansion tips. Wall-mounted storage cabinet, you can see that the owner is a person who loves tea, the cups are three or two, and don't forget to put two pots of green plants.

3.37 square meters of small apartment decoration in the kitchen is the highlight, in the design of the wall space to make better use. The usual kitchen utensils are hung directly on the wall. On the other side of the cabinet, create an open cabinet with toys or decorations. Also white with wood, the fresh tones make the spotless kitchen practical and convenient.


Second, 37 square decoration design skills

1. Step into the living room from the kitchen. Although the living room is not large, it is spacious and bright. The color of the wallpaper, the red green color, gives a natural sense of freshness. A multi-drawer low cabinet that can be placed in different categories. The gray chaise longue is placed with red and green cushions, which echoes the color of the wallpaper. With a purple carpet, the bright colors inject energy into the space. Large windows to sunlight is introduced into the house.

2. The light transmission performance of small units is not very good by itself, so we should use materials with good light transmittance when selecting doors and windows, such as light-transmissive glass, light materials used in large areas indoors, and interior wall decoration materials. On the way, try to choose bright and sunny colors. It should be light yellow or white in the furniture material, which makes the whole space very bright, the small space reduces the fixed and bulky decoration, the space is moved out, and people can live freely.

3. Ingeniously neglect the turning space of each wall, the small-sized living room space itself is not large, so we must make full use of the space around the corners, small-sized decoration is actually around, how to decorate to maximize indoor space Using this principle, if you want a spacious living room and a clean bedroom, consider building a staircase along the wall, transforming the room into two floors, the space under the stairs is designed as a locker, and some books and sundries are placed. It can also be fully utilized; it can also be used as a large storage space by inlaying a wall or a blank part of the wall, which not only can play a decorative role, but also can find the placement of various items. local.

There are many ways and styles for the decoration of the house, so to master some design skills, then 37 squares of decoration and then design and its design skills, through the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows about these, then if you still For more information on decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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