Bamboo flooring purchase four principles

Bamboo flooring is naturally used by nature and is favored by many consumers. Consumers still have a lot of places to understand when buying bamboo flooring. The quality of flooring products is uneven. Pay attention to the following when selecting bamboo flooring. What time is it.

First, pay attention to product names and environmental indicators

At present, the product names of bamboo and wood flooring in the national market are mixed and dazzling, which has led many consumers to choose. In fact, the unified standard name specified by the national standard is “bamboo flooring”. Consumers should pay attention to the environmental indicators of bamboo and wood flooring, and the formaldehyde emission of bamboo and wood flooring should meet the national mandatory standards.

Second, buy well-known brand products

When purchasing bamboo flooring, it is necessary to choose brand-name products with good reputation, and give priority to products identified by relevant departments of the state or industry, such as national inspection-free products, China famous trademarks and Chinese famous brand products. Do not buy "three no" products, and the products of "all foreign packaging" should be purchased with caution. If it is imported goods, it should have Chinese logo and import certificate; it can't be cheaper, but buy a product with a very low price.

Third, pay attention to the stability of the floor and the glue performance of the floor

Although the stability is a prominent advantage of bamboo flooring, improper moisture content control or unscientific paving will also affect the stability of the product. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the moisture content index and paving method of bamboo and wood flooring to ensure stability. Bamboo flooring is a floor made of several layers of wood glued. The better the bonding performance, the longer the life of the floor, the more durable it is, and the easier it is to maintain.

Fourth, pay attention to the performance parameters of the floor paint

Since bamboo flooring is difficult to distinguish the quality of products from the appearance, only by understanding the technical parameters of the bamboo flooring, can we really buy quality products. The main technical parameters of the bamboo floor paint surface include the adhesion of the floor paint film, the wear resistance of the paint surface, the paint surface treatment process (how many paint processes are processed, etc.), the hardness of the paint film, and the like. In general, the more wear resistant the paint, the better the adhesion of the paint film, the longer the service life of the floor.

Solar Components 101

The amount of solar energy that hits a square mile every year is equal to 4 million barrels of oil. So how does a photovoltaic system turn the planet's most abundant source of energy into usable AC electricity? 

Grouped together in a "solar array," Solar Panels collect electrons from the sun's light. Still in the form of direct current (DC) electricity, these electrons must be sent through an to be converted into AC electricity- the kind you use on a daily basis

When you're producing more electricity than you're consuming, you're sending electricity back into the utility grid.  Your electric meter spins backwards, saving you money on your electric bill.

When you're not using the solar energy that your system is harvesting during the daytime, you're giving it back to the utility company as a credit towards your electric bill.

The utility grid is kind of like your "battery," because you use electricity from the utility company to power your home at night when it's dark.

Solar Component Products

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