Bearing clearance and rotation flexibility detection technology

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Bearing clearance and rotation flexibility detection technology

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The so-called bearing clearance; that is, when the bearing is not installed in the shaft or the bearing box; the one of the inner ring or the outer ring is fixed; then the unmoved one is moved in the radial or axial direction. Direction; can be divided into radial clearance and axial clearance.
The size of the play during operation (called work clearance) has an impact on the bearing's tumbling fatigue life, temperature rise, noise, oscillation and other functions.
When measuring the clearance of the bearing; in order to obtain a stable measurement value; usually impose a regular measurement load on the bearing.
Therefore, the measured value is larger than the real clearance (called the theoretical clearance); that is, the amount of elastic deformation occurring by the measured load is increased.
But with regard to roller bearings; because the amount of elastic deformation is more serious than the round.
The internal clearance of the front bearing of the device is usually indicated by the theoretical clearance.
The measurement of the radial clearance of the whole set of bearings is not simple; the measuring force causes the ferrule and the rolling body itself and its touch to be elastically deformed; the deformation is the multi-element that forms the measurement error; it is measured with the force, the touch condition and the rolling body. Azimuth is related. Bearing rotation flexibility is usually viewed in a horizontal orientation; usually the inner ring is fixed (or hand-held inner ring); the outer ring is changed by hand; and the bearing can be rotated with abnormal motion and block appearance. Generally speaking; The bearing continues to rotate for a long time; the suspension is slow; the flexibility is good. The reverse is short; the rotation is abrupt; the flexibility is not good. The bearing layout and scale are different; the rotation flexibility should be different. The demand. For example, single row radial ball bearings, single row radial thrust ball bearings; because of the touch area between the roll and the ferrule. 庑┲岢行捅冉锨峥欤欢捅冉锨峥欤 Xing 蛐 蛎嬷岢 屯 屯 屯 鲎 鲎 鲎 鲎School 捎 捎 捎 龆逵牍龅 龆逵牍龅 龆逵牍龅 龆逵牍龅 龆逵牍龅 馊 馊 馊 馊 亓 亓 亓 亓 亓 纸 馊 馊 馊 亓 亓 亓 亓 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼 浼蛐那蛑岢. For extra large bearings; when it will be Turning time; there should be no stuck appearance; but the rotation is usually not observed. Regarding the tapered hole bearing; the following methods can be used to make up for the rotation flexibility of the bearing; the specific operation is as follows: press the tapered bearing into the mandrel until the plus A certain radial preload; under this preload; when a ferrule is changed, the tumbling body should be converted. If the tumbling body slides instead of changing, it indicates that the ferrule has too many shape defects or the tumbling scale. Uneven; the rotation flexibility of the bearing is also poor.
Precautions for measuring radial clearance of bearings (1) Use special instrument measurement method whenever possible.
(2) Those who use the hand-push method to measure demand measurement have higher measurement techniques. This method has a large measurement error; especially when the clearance is in a marginal situation; the simple error causes; at this moment; the measurement should be based on the instrument.
(3) When measuring the gauge; it should be operated according to the rules of the standard; it should not be measured by rolling the roller from the feeler.
(4) During the measurement process, ensure that the ball falls into the bottom of the ditch; the closed bearing is measured before closing; when the instrument is loaded, the measured value should also be reduced by the load.
(5) For multi-row bearings; demand for each column clearance; take the arithmetic mean of each column as the radial clearance of the bearing.

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