Colorful PBT Raw Material for Wire Cable

  • Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate/PBT
  • Density: 1.25~1.42
  • Melting Point: 210~230 Degree
  • Origin: China
  • Usage: General Plastics
  • Water Content: <0.28%
  • Transport Package: Seaworthy Package
Product model:
Product Features:a.good coloring, excellent dispersing property b.bright-colored, high covering c.stable technical property, small wave range, controllable rest of length a.high heat-resistance, resistant for filling gel

Product  introduction:
PBT full-colormasterbatch for optical cable:
1,PBT Blue masterbatch BU-2801    
2,Orange masterbatch OR-2802
3,PBT Green masterbatch GN-2803     
4,Brown masterbatch BU-2804
5,PBT Gray masterbatch GY-2805     
6,White masterbatch WT-2806
7,PBT red masterbatch RD-2807     
8,Black masterbatch BK-2808
9,PBT yellow masterbatch YE-2809     
10,Purple masterbatch PU-2810
11,PBT pink masterbatch PK-2811    
12,Turquoise masterbatch TQ-2812

Main technical parameters as following:
number Test Item Unit Index
1 Density g/cm3 1.25~1.42
2 Water content % ≤0.28
3 Melting point ºC 210~230
4 Coefficient of linear expansion(23~80ºC) 10-4K-1 ≤2.0
5 Color difference CIELAB   ≤3.0
6 Heat resistance 230ºC/5min level ≥4
7 Gypsum oil resistant (80ºC/30days) level ≥4

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