Dalan Motor Xiaobian tells you the technical difference between Y series and Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor

Do you know the technical difference between the Y series and the Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor? Dalan Motor Xiaobian tells you:

Y series (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor (center height H80 ~ 355) is a fully enclosed fan-cooled squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous electric motor, which is the basic series of unified design in the country.

Y series motor, energy saving, high starting torque, low noise, low vibration, safe and reliable operation. The power rating and mounting dimensions are fully compliant with IEC standards and DIN 42673 standards. This series of motors uses Class B insulation, the enclosure is IP44, and the cooling method is IC0141.

The Y series motor is a general purpose motor. It is suitable for dust flying, water and soil splashing places and various mechanical equipment without special performance requirements. Such as metal cutting machine tools, blowers, pumps and so on. Because the motor has better starting performance, it is also suitable for some machines that have high requirements on starting torque, such as compressors. The Y series motor has a front voltage of 380 volts and a nominal frequency of 50 Hz. This series of motors can be derived according to the user's requirements. For example, the voltage can be made into other voltages with a rated voltage of 500 volts or less and the rated frequency is 60 Hz motor. In addition, it can be made into moisture-proof, mildew-proof, wet-tropic or outdoor. Motors with special requirements such as type and motors with different noise levels.

YL series (center height H132-315, indicating low noise) L low instrument sound motor is developed by our factory using CAD technology, using the new electromagnetic theory. The shape and installation dimensions of the motor are the same as those of the Y series, in accordance with IEC standards and DIN42673 standards. Under the premise that other performances meet the national standards, the load noise, temperature rise, foot strength and other aspects have been significantly improved and improved.

The Y2 series (center height H63-355mm, 0.18-315kW) motor is a fully enclosed, self-fan-cooled squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor. It is a new basic series of the Y series that is jointly designed by the whole country. The products have reached the international advanced level in the 1990s.

The Y2 series motor is a general-purpose motor and is suitable for various mechanical equipment without special requirements. Y2 series electric

The rated voltage of the machine is 380V and the rated frequency is 50Hz. 3 kW and below are Y connection, and 4 kW or more is â–³ connection. Y2 series motors generally only have one shaft extension. If the user needs double shaft extension, the junction box is located at the top of the machine base, and can also be supplied according to special order. It can also be designed to provide special voltage, frequency and TH wet heat type and other according to user needs. Special purpose motor.

The Y series and Y2 series are installed in the same size. If the selected frame numbers are the same, then they are all the same in size, which are produced according to international standards.

The difference between the two:

In terms of technology, Y2 series motors not only have the advantages of Y series motors, but also improve the protection level (IP54), improve the insulation level (F grade) B-level assessment, reduce the noise, and use the load noise assessment, the motor structure is more Reasonable, novel and beautiful appearance. The motor cooling method is IC411. The installation dimensions and power levels are fully compliant with IEC standards and DIN42673 (same as the Y series); in terms of price, the Y series is relatively cheap, and the Y series is more than the Y2 series, and the Y2 series is also available. The shell is more expensive than the Y series, and now many manufacturers of Y series motors use the technical data of the Y2 series, so the performance difference between the two is not very large.

The main structure:

The base and end caps of the motor are made of cast iron. The enclosure is IP44 rated to prevent Ф1 mm of solids from entering the motor and preventing water splashing from adversely affecting the motor.

The motor adopts a fan self-cooling structure, and the fan and the shaft are keyed to ensure reliable operation. The wind hood is made of thin steel plate and then punched, and the wind path is smooth, the appearance is beautiful, and the rigidity is good.

The junction box of the motor has good sealing performance, and the cavity has a large cavity for wiring. The outlet has a locking device and can be freely routed from four directions parallel or perpendicular to the motor axis. From the end of the shaft, the outlet box is on the right side of the base. According to the user's needs, the outlet box can also be on the left side of the base.

The rotor of the motor is a cast aluminum squirrel cage rotor. The aluminum rotor is fixed to the shaft by a hot or cold pressing process. The insulation level of the center high H80-315 motor is B grade, and the Y355 series is F grade.

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