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Development example of ultra high speed bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-17

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Take the development of ultra-high speed HA tapered roller bearings as an example.
(1) The problem is raised in gas turbines and some machine tools and engineering machinery; high speed and axial load; the use of ball bearings is too short; the use of short cylindrical roller bearings is lack of axial load; axial clearance Difficult to adjust; expect to use tapered roller bearings to break this problem.
(2) Skills that need to be dealt with. The skill of high-speed restraint of tapered roller bearings is to improve the smoothness between the large ribs of the inner ring and the large end faces of the rollers; this part is most prone to severe wear and burn at high speed; The main reason for constraining its speed.
(3) Treatment method In the general layout of tapered roller bearings; smooth oil flow path is difficult to obtain smooth oil in the inner ring large rib and the large end face of the roller; this part is relatively large sliding; it is the most demanding smooth oil.
Therefore, Japan and other countries have developed HA-type tapered roller bearings; this bearing rib is on the outer ring; this smooth oil can smooth the outer ring rim and the touch surface of the roller's large end face; together here even when stopped It can also store some oil; it prevents the oil from burning when starting; but there are several oil drain holes on the outer ring ribs according to the demand; to prevent the oil from discharging the passage; the power loss and temperature of the oil mixture formed in a certain part Raise too high. Because the inner ring has no ribs; the temperature has dropped; thus reducing the possibility of seizure activity between the inner ring and the shaft. The bearing of this layout uses the outer ring guiding method for the cage; The frame can guide the roller to work smoothly without tilting; prevent seizure and excessive wear; this is also beneficial to high speed.
(4) Achievable function The HA-type bearing has a dmn value of up to 2 million; twice the advancement of the general layout; for example, for a gas turbine reducer main shaft (model I-IA30205); Under the condition of 1000N load; ensure that there is 2L/min oil supply to the bearing to supply circulating No. 4 turbine oil; its working speed can reach 60,000 revolutions without causing burns.

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