Device method for cylindrical inner space in SKF bearing

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Device method for cylindrical inner space in SKF bearing

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When the inner ring of the SKF bearing is tightly engaged with the shaft and the outer ring bearing housing hole is a loosely coupled non-detachable bearing device; the bearing can be first mounted on the shaft by the press; then the shaft is mounted together with the bearing to the bearing housing. Inside the hole; if the bearing is small; you can also use a soft metal hammer to tap the end face of the ferrule to force the bearing to reach; but the tapping force must be evenly distributed on the bushing ring.
SKF bearing outer ring and bearing housing hole are tight cooperation, inner ring and shaft are loosely cooperative; bearing can be installed on the shaft first. When SKF bearing ring and shaft or bearing housing hole are tight cooperation, use one 2. The special device sleeves press the bearing together to the shaft or housing.
The SKF split bearing unit can be easily attached to the shaft or housing due to the inner and outer rings. At this point, it should be paid attention to the fact that the shaft that has been installed inside the inner ring is pierced into the outer casing of the outer ring; try to make it adhere to the concentric; to prevent scratching the rolling body and the raceway.
When the SKF bearing scale is large; because the required device force is large; or the bearing cooperation with heavy load operation is too large, it is difficult to select the cold state device; then the bearing inner ring or the bearing housing is heated beforehand. Then carry out the device. In the hot state device; the heating temperature should be strictly controlled. When heating the bearing; the heating temperature should not exceed 1200C; usually it should be 80~1000C. The bearing with dust cover or sealing ring can not be heated; otherwise it will form lubrication The agent is lost. The heating method can be selected by electric induction, oil bath heating, etc.
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