Does the hair dryer have radiation? Use and maintenance of hair dryer

Household appliances are often used in daily life, ranging from electric cookers to electric lights. With the popularity of computers and various household electrical appliances, people are beginning to realize the dangers of home appliances. Many people will pay attention to whether they have radiation before choosing home appliances. The following small series for everyone to talk about hair dryer radiation? Use and maintenance of hair dryers.


Does the hair dryer have radiation?

For the radiation problem of various household appliances, the first thing to say is a few basic knowledge: As long as the electrical voltage is connected to both ends of the appliance, there must be an electric field; as long as there is current flowing in the appliance, there will be a magnetic field around the current. Existence; while the voltage and current in the appliance are often varied, a changing electric field will produce a magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field will also produce an electric field. Regardless of the size of household appliances, whether it is computers, televisions, microwave ovens, as long as the relationship between electricity and electricity, will use more or less to radiate out of the electromagnetic field. A hair dryer as one of them is naturally no exception.

The test data shows that the average household household's 1000W hair dryer has a radiation value of around 350mG (mG: millis is the unit of magnetic field strength), while the television and computer monitors have radiation values ​​of about 45mG and 100mG, respectively, which is far lower than that of the hair dryer. Radiation amount. This is because when using a hair dryer, the magnetic field may be larger because of its large power and large current.

However, the radiation from the hair dryer is different from the radiation from the radiograph used in medical treatment. The radiation of the hair dryer belongs to electromagnetic radiation, and the X-ray used in medical treatment is an ionizing radiation. The types of the two are different and there is no way to compare them.

In addition, radiation from hair dryers, mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc. is also different. Like mobile phones, microwave ovens, computer chassis, etc. are electromagnetic fields of radio frequency, electromagnetic field energy is relatively large, causing a great threat to the human body.

The hair dryer belongs to the low-frequency electromagnetic field and does not have the kind of heating effect of the radio frequency electromagnetic field. The main threat to human health mainly lies in that low-frequency electric fields and low-frequency magnetic fields generate or induce currents in the human body. If the current is large enough, it can be Nerves and muscles produce irritation. However, to produce this kind of stimulus, the energy of the electromagnetic field itself must be large enough. The domestic hair dryer cannot reach such a “level”, so it can be used with confidence.

Use and maintenance of hair dryer

In order to make the function of the hair dryer function dry and stereotyped, it should be used effectively and correctly, reasonably and safely, and extend the life of the equipment.

(1) The blower must be used with the power supply voltage specified on the nameplate. The three-wire hair dryer should be connected to the ground wire correctly.

(2) When using a blower, the inlet and outlet must be unblocked. Otherwise, it will not reach the use effect, and will cause overheating and burning of the appliance.

(3) When used to dry wet hair, the air outlet of the hair dryer should be a certain distance (not less than 50mm) from the hair to prevent blocking of the air outlet and burning hair. At the same time, it is important for safety to prevent the water vapor generated by drying the hair from affecting the insulation strength and causing electric leakage.

(4) Before the end of use of the hair dryer, try to switch the hair dryer from the "hot" position to the "cold" position so that the power of the heating element can be cut off. Let the remaining heat of the heating element be blown out by the cool air, so that the internal temperature of the hair dryer is reduced, and then all the power is cut off. In this way, the internal insulation of the hair dryer can be decelerated and its service life can be extended. It is not easy to scald other objects when placed on the table at the same time.

(5) The hair dryer should not be used for too long as long as possible, and should be used intermittently to avoid overheating and burning of the heating element and the motor. When the hair dryer is not in use, it should be placed in a dry place. Do not place in the open air or in a humid place. When it is removed after a long period of use, it is necessary to check the insulation resistance first, and then it can be used normally in accordance with the requirements to ensure the personal safety during use. Due to the dust in the air, although many hair dryers are equipped with filters at the air inlet to play a protective role, they cannot prevent very small particles of dust, and not all hair dryers have a filter cloth. For this purpose, dust must be regularly cleaned to prevent blocking the air duct and damaging the components.

(6) The hair dryer must not be thrown at random, in which the electric heating element and the motor will be damaged due to mechanical punching, and at the same time, they should not be disassembled easily so as not to damage the components. In order to ensure the normal use of the hair dryer, the bearing parts and other rotating parts of the motor should be regularly filled with lubricating oil, but the amount of oil should not be too much, so as not to flow to the coil and cause failure.

Have you seen the hair dryers mentioned above for you? The knowledge of the use and maintenance of hair dryers, we should have a certain understanding of the radiation of the hair dryer, usually in the process of use, we should pay attention not to make the hair dryer too close, but also pay attention to the safety of electricity.

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