Does winter furniture come to make up your water?

With the onset of the winter, the skin is dry, everyone starts to pay attention to replenishment, but do you know? The dry winter will not only make our skin dry, but it will also cause the furniture to become dry. So how do we make water for the furniture?

First, wipe with a damp cloth

When cleaning wooden furniture in autumn and winter, it is recommended that you use a slightly moist rag to wipe, but do not over-wet, so that it can not only make the water replenishment effect, but also will not make the furniture damp.

Second, replace thick curtains

In the summer, we will use fresh tulle curtains to decorate our furniture. We should replace it in the fall and winter season. We may replace it with thick fabric curtains. This can shield the interior furniture from sunlight, reduce drying, and also reduce the amount of dryness. Prepare yourself for the cold.

Third, shorten the window opening time

Indoor air drying of furniture is very bad for solid wood furniture. Whether wooden cracks and humidity are the most important, so pay attention to increase indoor air humidity. In autumn and winter, we can shorten the window opening time as much as possible so that the indoor humidity can be properly increased. This is not only good for people's health, but also helps with the maintenance of wooden furniture.

Fourth, green planting

In addition, many plants can also play a role in humidification. In order to prevent dryness and increase moisture, more green plants can be placed in the home, such as spider plants, tiger's skin arrows, spiky balls, and green radish. Plants like spider plants and thornballs can not only increase humidity, but also help absorb toxic gases such as formaldehyde in the room. This is safe and environmentally friendly.

Fifth, fish tank placement

It is a good choice to stock glass vases for ornamental fish, raise some small ornamental fish such as peacock, black marie, red arrow, etc., or a few koi fishes, and the tank can evaporate enough water vapor to increase the indoor humidity. To add fun to the room, and to achieve the dual role of replenishment.

Sixth, keep away from heat

To replenish water for furniture, make sure that furniture and radiators are not too close to each other, and keep away from heat sources, at least one meter. You can also install a humidifier at home to improve the indoor air is too dry.

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· Natural Rubber: Good resistance of abrasion, high temperature, aging, it is used for gasket, flooring, etc.

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· NBR Rubber: Good oil-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-aging.

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Rubber Sheet Type

*Industrial Rubber Sheet:sbr, nbr, cr, epdm,silicone, viton, natural,food grade,cloth insert

*Snti-slip Rubber Sheet

*Stall stable Rubber Sheet

*Skirt Board Ruber Sheets

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