Duplex floor decoration taboo double building decoration design points

Duplex House has ample space and has become one of the most favorite designs in people's minds. However, for the decoration, I do not know where to start. Then, what is the taboo of the double-floor decoration ? What are the decoration points for the Duplex Building? Let me introduce you to Xiaobian.

Duplex floor decoration avoid not gas

Because the structure of the multi-storey building is mostly a house next to a house, the stratification between floors and floors is not particularly obvious, so a good gas field enters the house and will be retreated. If it is not a good gas field, it cannot be discharged. In the face of such a situation, the spatial structure design of the double-storey building should be simple and clear. Only in this way can it facilitate the inhalation and breath-taking of the multiple-room building.

Duplex floor decoration bogey in the entrance fan or air conditioning

Many people like to install electric fans and air conditioners at the entrance entrance. This is very taboo in the decoration of the multi-storey building, and it easily attracts belching. The reason is that the air flow generally enters the room from the outside. When a good gas field and wealth flow into the room, the fans and air conditioners at the entrance will be blown, causing those good gas fields and wealth to recede at the entrance and cannot flow into the house. .

Duplex floor decoration window sill do bed

In order to save space and increase the size of the beds, many families integrate ledges and beds. However, many families do not know this practice is very taboo in the complex floor decoration. This space-saving approach will make the bed too close to the street, resulting in a serious impact on the quality of sleep of the occupants. At the same time, in the event of a thunderstorm, it will cause occupants to panic and easily cause “light”.

Duplex floor decoration bogey fierce decoration

Most families like to decorate their rooms with hanging paintings to improve the interior decoration and cultural qualities. However, they did not know that the decoration of the double-floor building was a taboo for hanging some fierce paintings. This will not only affect the daily lives of occupants, but will also have an impact on the occupants' physical health and work prospects.

Double floor decoration avoid stairs straight

Duplex floor decoration is very particular about the stairs, double-floor stairs are best convoluted, it is not suitable for straight-type. Because only in this way can we achieve the effect of gathering gas and raising gas.

Duplex floor decoration design

1, the living room

Since the structure of the double-storey building belongs to the upper and lower layers, then if the living room needs to be more transparent and bright, it needs to be decorated with furniture and accessories. For example, some green plants and some paintings can make the living room full. Lively, full of warm feelings. At the same time, we must also allocate and use the living room in a reasonable way so that we can make our home life more comfortable.

2, wall surface

Due to the high wall of the compound building, if it is too simple, it will make the wall too monotonous. Under normal circumstances, we can use a variety of programs to decorate the wall, so that the wall is more distinctive, so as to improve the quality of the house's decoration. Especially the TV background wall can focus on the design.

3, color

The decoration of the duplex building is very focused on color matching, and color matching should be as simple as possible. When choosing a decoration, first select a large object as the main color. When selecting other objects with similar colors, under normal circumstances, the color of the decoration can not exceed three, so that it can be more coordinated.

About the double-floor decoration taboos and the main points of the double-floor decoration design are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to the relevant information of this website. Xiao Bian will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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