Equipment manufacturing industry: demand is lower, speeding up and upgrading

In 2011, under the severe challenge of the “three troika” of investment, export and consumption in China's equipment manufacturing industry, the overall economic efficiency of the industry remained stable, and the production capacity of major products was rationally regulated. The economic restructuring of the industry has achieved remarkable results, and high-end equipment and major technical equipment continue to make new breakthroughs. Taking stock of the 2011 data, it is not easy for the machinery industry to achieve an increase in operating income of more than 25%, a profit growth of nearly 20%, and an export growth of 25%. However, in the past 10 years, 25% of production and sales growth is a 10-year average. Looking back at the full-year operation in 2011, the main economic indicators have continued to grow while the absolute number has continued to grow. The trend. Analyze the demand for various types of equipment in the domestic market in 2011, and the larger part is the continuation of investment growth projects during the international financial crisis. The large amount of production capacity accumulated by the industry itself was gradually released after "crudently" testing the market reaction, but the market was suddenly raging, and the industries with strong driving forces did not shoulder the mission of opening up a new "blue ocean". Instead, they brought these industries into the market. Unpredictable "Red Sea." For example, the cancellation of high oil prices and related preferential policies has led to a year-on-year increase in sales of automobiles by less than 3%; nuclear power safety caused by the earthquake in Japan and the crisis of railway equipment trust caused by domestic high-speed rail accidents; strategic emerging industries such as wind power equipment that are full of industry expectations Upstream production and photovoltaic equipment and other rapid production capacity, the benefits have fallen sharply, making upstream companies stunned. These major events have seriously affected the market demand from the perspective of the industrial chain, resulting in a large number of parts and components supporting enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises, shrinking orders and operating difficulties. In 2012, the external development environment of the equipment manufacturing industry was not optimistic. From the perspective of macroeconomic growth, most institutions predict a growth rate of 8%. The downward adjustment effect of economic growth will have an impact on the equipment manufacturing industry. The direct impact is that market demand is declining and price competition is intensifying. From the perspective of the international market, the export situation of domestic products is not optimistic. From the perspective of the industry, the export data of construction machinery and automobiles in the past year has attracted attention. The domestic competition in the construction machinery industry is fierce. I believe that the competition in overseas markets is gradually intensifying. It is expected that in 2012, demand for major users in the equipment manufacturing industry, such as automobiles, ships, nuclear power, railways and real estate, will continue to be sluggish. The main market hotspots are concentrated in three areas: people's livelihood, industrial upgrading and emerging industries. Specifically, the areas of people's livelihood need to focus on the power and energy security of hydropower, nuclear power and power grid construction and transformation; high-capacity, urban railway and subway and other large-capacity and long-distance transportation equipment and related equipment industry chain; The real estate market with housing construction as the core is expected to gradually stabilize after the “big waves”, which will play a driving role in the market demand for construction machinery and electrical and electrical industries; the state’s policy investment and subsidies for agriculture, forestry, fishery and water conservancy construction are expected to continue to increase. . In general, 2012 is a year in which the equipment manufacturing industry continues to deepen industrial adjustment and structural upgrading. It requires that the equipment manufacturing industry must speed up the upgrade, and it is necessary to leap from electrification to digitalization to meet the needs of the times. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, instrumentation, numerical control systems, low-voltage electrical and related industrial software and Internet of Things technologies related to digital control technology will usher in a period of development opportunities. At the same time, in the emerging industries, we should focus on the development of new energy vehicles. Under the joint effect of policy guidance and market cultivation, energy-saving and new energy vehicles will surely usher in all-round development.

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