Exterior wall decoration integrated board features External wall panel installation precautions

Life is constantly improving, our requirements for decoration materials are getting higher and higher, and the exterior wall decoration is also one of the parts of our decoration house. In the recent appearance of the exterior wall decoration board this year, it has made many consumptions with the characteristics of thermal insulation and environmental protection. The people are deeply loved. Then what are the characteristics of the exterior wall decoration board? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the characteristics of the exterior wall decoration board and installation precautions!


Exterior wall decoration integrated board - features

1) Fully automated production by factory, stable product quality, stable performance and high efficiency.

2) The double fastening structure design of bonding and national patent + word anchoring is adopted to improve the safety factor of the insulation system.

3) The surface is made of fluorocarbon metal lacquer finish, which has strong weather resistance and decoration;

4) The panel is made of high-density resin board, which has rich decorative texture and strong creativity.

5) Insulation materials can be selected according to customer needs.

6) Large-area construction and installation, light weight, no color difference, good thermal insulation effect

7) No heat bridge, good insulation performance, thus reducing costs.

8) It can overcome the problems of cracking, water seepage and poor durability of the traditional wet working exterior wall thermal insulation system.

What are the precautions for the installation of the exterior wall decoration panel?

1. On-site pouring of polyurethane insulation. After the wall of the building is dried, the polyurethane can be sprayed directly on the surface. Generally, the thickness of the coating is about 4 cm, and a high-pressure sprayer is required to make the surface as flat as possible. The polymer cement is scraped on the finished foam and then externally decorated.


2. Prefabricated insulation sandwich panels. Generally, polyurethane sandwich panels processed on a continuous production line are used, and the outer surface is often made of colored steel or aluminum, and the back is mostly made of aluminum foil. When installing, first make the keel on the outer wall, then fix the plate on the keel, or use the double-sided color steel plate as the wall material, which is both beautiful and has good thermal insulation effect.

3. Polystyrene granule insulation mortar. The waste polystyrene plastic is processed and crushed into particles of 0.5-4 mm, and the insulating mortar is prepared as a light aggregate to obtain a porous orifice plate. The method includes an insulation layer, a crack-resistant protective layer and a non-seepage protective surface layer, and the construction technology is simple, the labor intensity can be reduced, the work efficiency is improved, and the structure quality is not affected, and the wall surface is not required for the defective wall construction. Patch leveling.

4. The polystyrene board and the wall are cast once. In the concrete frame system, the polystyrene board is built in the building formwork, concrete is poured on the outside of the wall to be poured, and the concrete and the polystyrene board are cast into a composite wall at one time. Exterior wall insulation coating. Mainly ceramic insulation coatings, hydrophobic silicon thermal insulation coatings, rubber powder polystyrene particles external wall insulation coating.

When we choose to install an exterior wall panel for our house, we need to understand its features and installation precautions! It is not a matter of choosing. The above is the characteristics of the exterior wall decoration panel introduced by Xiaobian today and the installation precautions are here. To learn more, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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