First-line brand tile rankings? How to maintain tiles?

When we were decorating, it was the hardest thing to pick things. Now the brands of various materials are many, and the quality is also a lot, so everyone does not know what to choose when buying. When we choose ceramics, we have to look at the appearance, we have to look at the brand, we are on the market, the brand of tiles is a lot, the first-line brand tile list? What brand? What is the maintenance method of the tile? Take a look with Xiaobian.


First, first-line ceramic tile brand list

1, top ten brand tile rankings - Marco Polo

Marco Polo is not the character of the glory of the game king we played, Marco Polo ceramic tile is a flagship product of Guangdong Weimei ceramic tile. Headquartered in Dongguan City, it is a famous manufacturer and seller of large-scale building tiles in China. Marco Polo's materials and styles are many, mainly based on antique bricks. Because he is a very early producer of antique bricks.


2, top ten brand tile rankings - Dongpeng

Dongpeng ceramics pays attention to quality, quality creates brand, and brand needs technology. In 2009 his brand value was 2.353 billion, the first in our building ceramics industry. Dongpeng is also the big brother in our tile industry. The product design is good, the style is various, the price is in the middle and the middle, but the technology is very in place. The idea of ​​their enterprise is also that we can quickly occupy the domestic market and become the value brand of our country. Our company is developing and our products are more diversified.

3, top ten brand tile rankings - Venice merchants

The Venetian merchant brand is affiliated to Guangdong Venice Merchants Group Co., Ltd. It is one of the top ten brick and tile brands in China. Although it was established soon, it has become stronger and stronger with its own product quality and production technology. It is the first choice for everyone when purchasing floor tiles.


4 top brand tile rankings --- Nobel Nabel

Hangzhou Nobel is a foreign-owned group limited company. Established in 1992, his main purpose is to promote the development of the entire ceramic tile decoration industry in China. Our humanized "Nobel" is also constantly innovating and constantly improving his quality. Leading a more quality lifestyle. Nobel is also a leader in the ceramic tile industry. There is nothing to say about quality and quality. Just now, but the price is not very low. The quality is good, his process is good, and the cost is high. So many people will choose to give up when they see his price.

5, top ten brand tile rankings - Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a brand that is halfway out of the house. Although it started a bit late, it did not affect the development and progress of the brand. Now it has become one of the top ten brands of ceramic tiles.

Second, the maintenance method of the tile

1, tile grout

Ground war is generally not easy to mold, the general dirt is dust, the traditional tiles are generally used cement and kelicon to replace the sealant, and some do not use caulking, tile construction The use of caulking can prevent this problem.


2, anti-oil stickers

Our kitchen fumes are the most serious, and the tiles inside are also very easy to stain. After a long time of use, the tiles in the kitchen will change color, and we will see the heart. Our kitchen tiles are generally covered with grease-proof stickers, and our troubles will not be solved.

The above is about the list of first-line tile brands and the way to maintain the tiles. If our tiles are well maintained, our tiles will last a long time. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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