Floor Tips Solid Wood Flooring Specifications

Solid wood flooring is popular with consumers because of its features of energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, etc. What are the specifications of solid wood flooring ? How to choose solid wood flooring specifications. Friends who haven't bought solid wood flooring may have these questions. The following is a selection of wood flooring specifications to choose from.

Solid wood flooring specifications

Nowadays, more and more brands of solid wood flooring are on the market. When many consumers choose, they often ignore the specifications of solid wood flooring. In fact, the prices and decorative effects of different solid wood floor sizes are very different.

The more common solid wood floor specifications are generally: 90*900*18mm and 120*900*18mm, with the thickness of 18mm being the mainstream wooden floor specification. The specifications of long-width wood flooring are different because of the different materials of solid wood flooring. The specifications and dimensions of wooden flooring that can be processed can also be different. For example, wood flooring species such as beech wood, oak wood, disc bean, etc., due to their large diameter, The scales of the processed floor slabs are also very large. Currently, large slabs with a length of more than 1000 MM are available on the market, and rare precious trees such as rosewood and rosewood are used. The original trees have a long growth cycle and a small diameter, so they are sold on the market. There are only a few standard wooden floor sizes, most of which are small boards with a width of less than 60mm.

Solid wood flooring specifications are particular about

General stress: The specifications of solid wood flooring should follow the "should not be narrow should not be wide, should not be short should be long", which is the solid wood flooring, wood stability, moisture content, and the laying of environmental temperature and humidity and other factors, the role of flooring craftsmen and consumption The person experiences the lessons learned.

The selection of large-size solid wood floors is notable: The significant difference between the large-size floor and the conventional floor is that it is more flexible in the expression of wood texture, color, etc., and the seam is less after laying, and the overall effect is noble atmosphere. Therefore, large-size flooring is more suitable for laying in large-area rooms, such as living rooms, auditoriums and other places.

The choice of small-size solid wood flooring is exquisite: the small-size floor has the most exquisite effect on the laying of rooms in small rooms such as single bedrooms or storage rooms, and the advantages of finger ground boards commonly advocated for saving forest resources are quickly highlighted.

The obvious advantage of small-sized floorboards over conventional floorboards is the price. Therefore, if the user is a small-sized apartment (less paving area), he can choose small-sized floorboards to decorate his family. This will not only show the taste of the room, but also Can save some of the decoration costs.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the specifications of solid wood flooring , because each person's needs are different, so the choice is different, the above information for your reference. Hope to help friends who have this need!

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