Home fire prevention knowledge

With the development and progress of society, the use of fire, electricity and gas by residents has increased year by year, and the problem of home fire protection is becoming more and more serious. Fire experts remind you that everyone should establish a concept of fire protection, and households should eliminate hidden fire hazards and build a safe family.

Safe use of fire Some citizens have the custom of burning incense and worshiping Buddha. Make sure that the incense is extinguished before leaving. You should educate children in the family not to play with fire, and place lighters, matches and other fires in places that are not easily reachable by the children. The cigarette butts should be completely extinguished before being put into the ashtray.

Safe electrical appliances, switches, etc. are best equipped with protective measures to prevent harm to children; in order to avoid overloading the circuit, do not connect too many electrical appliances to the same circuit; do not randomly connect the wires, replace the aging in time, Damaged wires; do not install and use household appliances in violation of regulations, and do not turn on the TV for a long time.

Safe gas kitchen is the focus of fire prevention at home, it is best to educate children to avoid approach. The cooking supplies should be placed correctly; use gas cookers carefully, and the cookers should be cleaned frequently to ensure that no grease accumulates, and no debris can be piled around the cooker; when using a range hood, the cooker should not be burned dry, to avoid oil pollution in the ignition, and it cannot be Use liquid to clean the range hood; it is strictly forbidden to use gas or liquefied gas mixed with rice cookers, induction cookers, alcohol stoves, coal stoves, etc .; once gas leakage is found, close the valve in time and promptly notify the gas management department for maintenance.

Do not store gasoline, alcohol, paint, and other flammable materials at home; when using gasoline, alcohol, paint, thinner, etc., should be well ventilated and away from fire sources.

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