Home surveillance camera purchase considerations

At present, the cameras on the market also have many other functions, such as wide dynamics, strong light suppression, day and night conversion, infrared lights, etc., users can choose according to their own needs, without purchasing too many useless equipment, not only increasing the operation difficulty The overall cost performance of the equipment will also be low. Therefore, when purchasing a home surveillance camera, we need to pay attention to the following points:
First, analog equipment or network equipment

In fact, household users generally do not have such problems, because the current home monitoring equipment on the market is a network camera. For commercial project applications, it should be based on the actual situation of the project, and the specific equipment does not need to be uniform. But for important projects and important locations, you must choose network monitoring equipment, such as bayonet monitoring, financial industry, etc., and some optional monitoring corners, you can use analog monitoring equipment to meet the needs of use and benefits. Maximize.

Second, how to choose the focal length
The focal length of the optional monitoring device is actually to choose the monitoring angle of view, and the length of the focal length will affect the size of the viewing angle. Of course, there are also monitoring devices for zoom lenses in the market, but the price of zoom lens devices is relatively high, so you should consider your actual budget when purchasing products. If the environment to be monitored is relatively empty (such as a gallery, corridor, etc.), the user needs to select a monitoring device with a large focal length according to the actual monitoring distance; if the monitoring area is a relatively narrow environment such as an elevator, purchase a small focal length lens (ie Wide-angle lens).

Third, low illumination purchase

The actual monitoring items are different, and the equipment requirements are different when purchasing. From the current stage, most projects require monitoring equipment to support low illumination, that is, the minimum illumination is as low as possible, the device can still work normally. However, at present, low illumination has not yet formed a unified standard, so that all manufacturers use their own standards to measure the minimum illumination. When users purchase equipment, they only use data and cannot know the actual application of the equipment. It is best for users to actually test and find out how many devices are purchased to meet their own needs.

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