How much is the correct use of table lamps?

In the household products, the role of the table lamp can not be ignored. Everybody often uses it in reading, and can also play a decorative role in addition to lighting. Good quality table lamps can protect our eyesight. Then everyone knows how much the price of a common table lamp is and how to use a common table lamp? Let's learn about it together below!

First, ordinary table lamp prices

The price of an ordinary table lamp is not particularly expensive. There are ordinary table lamps with prices ranging from RMB 30 to RMB 60, and brand table lamps ranging from RMB 400 to RMB 800. It is mainly due to the difference in materials and brands, and the resulting prices are also different. Although materials have a great influence on eyesight when you purchase a desk lamp, correct use of a desk lamp can really protect your eyesight.

Second, the price of ordinary table lamp - the correct use of the lamp

1, the degree of purchase of table lamps should be suitable. If the degree is too low, the light will be dark when used, which can lead to unclear eyesight. This can cause eye strain. Often in such an environment, it can also lead to nearsightedness, and there will be great trouble when treating nearsightedness. However, if the number of bulbs is too high, too strong light will be reflected in our eyes through the white paper, which will cause glare and cause the pupil to shrink continuously, causing eye pain and headaches. In general, incandescent lamps from 25 watts to 45 watts have the best brightness.

2. The height of the table lamp is also critical. The general reading posture is the best 30 cm from the book, so that you can see the handwriting, and will not be tired of the eyes, according to this reasoning, then the height of the desk lamp should be 40 cm to 50 cm from the best written, so as to ensure adequate Reading lighting, and the surrounding environment also has a certain brightness. If the table lamp is too short, the range of light rays emitted is too small and the surrounding environment is dark.

3. If the desk lamp is placed too low and there is no distant reference object, each adjustment system of the eye will be limited to see only the close-range tension and compression state, which will make the eyes fatigued easily and cause light-source myopia. And if the desk lamp is too high, the light will shine directly on the eye, creating dazzling light, which can cause everyone's visual function to decline.

4. The specification of the lamp should be consistent with the lampshade. Make sure that the lamp is just inside the lampshade to prevent direct light from reaching the eyes. Scientific research confirms that white light bulbs are the best choice. People have the best vision in white light. Therefore, choose an incandescent lamp or a matte lamp that emits a moderately pleasing white light instead of a good-looking colored light bulb.

Summary: The above is the knowledge of the general table lamp prices described by Xiao Bian and the correct use of the lamp. The choice of table lamps is very important, I hope everyone can refer to the following when purchasing, if you still want to learn more about the decoration information, please continue to pay attention to this site.

Ordinary table lamp prices

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