How to guarantee the safety of lottery betting stations

Betting stations in Ningbo, Yichang and other places were robbed on June 11th and 17th. As lottery tickets are familiar to more and more people, the safety of lottery betting stations is also getting more and more attention.

In recent years, cases of robbed sites and salesmen have appeared from time to time. From such cases, the reporter found that the robbed persons have many similar characteristics. This newspaper hereby summarizes and summarizes, reminding the majority of station owners and salesmen to pay attention to the following points and strengthen safety Precautions.

Lottery is prone to robbery on the day and night

Judging from the time of the incident, the lottery day is often a "good opportunity" for criminals; at the same time, such cases are mostly occurred after the aircraft is closed at night or the site has a small number of people; in addition, the holiday is the peak of the incident, especially around the Spring Festival. serious.

Reasons: Many station owners said that the sales on the draw date were several times higher than usual, which became an important reason for the lawbreakers to start; after the aircraft was closed in the evening, the salespersons were weak in prevention and gave the lawbreakers an opportunity to take; In particular, before the Spring Festival, the return of migrant workers to their hometowns peaked, the flow of personnel was large, and the level of public security declined, and criminals inevitably took advantage of the opportunity to fish in muddy water.

The newspaper reminds: sales increase on the draw date, salesmen should pay attention to save money at any time, do not be afraid of trouble. Even if there are no customers at the betting station, the salesperson should pay attention to lock out most of the cash except for a small amount of change. It is best to keep a certain distance from the betting machine.

When the salesman goes home at night, it is best not to carry cash. If you do n’t have time to make a deposit, it ’s best to go with people and avoid walking alone at night. You should always carry lighting or self-defense equipment.

During holidays, especially before and after the Spring Festival, the site should increase manpower as much as possible to take care of each other.

Most of the sites in remote areas

Reason: There are few buildings and people around the site, so even if the salesperson calls for help, it is difficult to get strong support.

The newspaper reminded: as the saying goes, "distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors", salesmen should not isolate themselves, and should form a mutually beneficial relationship with nearby stores.

When conditions permit, an alarm can be installed in the station. Once in danger, a huge alarm sound can attract the attention of people outside the site, making the gangsters more nervous, and the salesperson can take the opportunity to escape.

The robbed are mostly women or the elderly

As can be seen from the cases that have been issued, most of the sites robbed by criminals are a salesperson, and the majority are female salespersons and elderly salespersons.

Reason: For gangsters, a salesperson is relatively easy to control, while women and the elderly have thin bodies and poor resistance.

The newspaper reminds: Usually we can cultivate the common hobby of lottery players, set up a lottery team, and maintain a good relationship with lottery players. If you find yourself likely to be alone at the site, you can ask the hard-core Caimin who lives nearby to come to the site to accompany you. In the evening, the aircraft will be closed on time, and the business will not be delayed. If necessary, the family can pick them up.

The stolen site has high mobility

Reason: There are many migrant workers in the site, and the mobility is large. It may be greater to escape from the local area after committing the crime.

The newspaper reminds that criminals generally step on points before committing crimes. The salesperson should understand the occupation and address of the old lottery people on the site every day. The salesperson should understand the composition of the lottery on his site, strengthen the awareness of prevention, and highly guard against suspicious situations that can be detected.

Station master trick

Jia Rongfan, owner of Fucai Betting Station, No. 41130999, Nanyang City, Henan Province:

Do n’t panic if you encounter a robbery. In fact, the robbery is also very frightened. If the opponent has a weapon in his hand, don't fight with it, try to work out as much as possible. In addition, the station has security awareness at all times. In my opinion, the door locks of the betting station can be replaced with alarm anti-theft locks.

Fucai Betting Station, No. 21050085, Benxi City, Liaoning Province advocates Junqing:

Some remote betting stations can be equipped with protective isolation facilities at the cash register, or the 110 alarm phone can be set as a speed dial button on the mobile phone. Or form a mutual help pair with the shop next door and install doorbells with each other. Once a gangster robs the site, press the doorbell to let the other party call the police.

Yang Xiuyin, owner of Fucai Betting Station, No. 42240153, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province:

Some conditional sites can raise a dog, and can deter gangsters at critical moments. It is best to put only zero banknotes in the drawers in the site, and don't put many large banknotes of 50 yuan and 100 yuan. Every two-color ball draw day, when the site sales are high, you must find family or friends to accompany you at night.

Yu Yongjun, owner of Fucai Betting Station, No.37010472, Jinan City, Shandong Province:

I think that every day from about 9 am to about 8:30 pm, the owner of the betting station cannot leave the lottery betting station. In view of the fact that the sales time of lottery tickets is relatively concentrated, and the rest time of the station owner is sufficient. It is recommended that you learn some simple techniques of catching and wrestling, which can not only strengthen your body but also prevent gangsters. Of course, if more than one gangster appears, I still recommend outsmarting.

Wang Li, owner of Fucai Betting Station, No. 21050182, Benxi City, Liaoning Province:

I think that the counter should be used to divide the betting station into two, dividing the outer space and the inner space. Except for the salesperson, no one is allowed to enter the internal space. In addition, the site prepares some self-defense equipment, such as self-defense spray and so on.

Institutional recommendations >>>

Regarding the recent incidents of robbing of betting stations, the deputy director of a provincial-level Fucai Center said that betting stations should strengthen their safety precautions.

First of all, any unit or individual involved in economic interests must establish a "precaution". In response to the recent robbery of betting stations, betting station sales staff should strengthen their awareness of prevention. For example, for strangers on the site or those who rarely meet the lottery, the sales staff should be attentive; the owner or sales person who is not staying at the betting station, it is best to pay the money every day. If you go home late at night, it is best not to carry cash with you.

Second, we must strengthen protection awareness. When the lottery player buys a lottery at the site, the sales staff should not open the drawer (or counter) for storing cash at will, let alone disclose the amount of cash; when the site in a remote location is closed at night, it is best to confirm that no one around is closed Security door (or pull down the anti-theft door).

The third is to strengthen station safety protection measures. For example, install security doors and windows for the site, post the alarm phone number of the nearby police station in the site, etc. Only by working hard can the safety factor be maximized.

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