How to maintain and maintain the plate feeder

How to repair and maintain the plate feeder From the structure of the heavy plate feeder, the drive, spindle device, tensioning device, link plate device and roller are the key points for maintenance and service. The major overhaul of the B1500×9000 heavy-duty plate feeder was to replace the chain plate device with heavy wear on the plate feeder, as well as the guide roller and carrier roller.
1, removal order:
The first step: First remove the board feeder and the upper part of the hopper.
The second step: remove the drive device and spindle device.
Step 3: Relax the tensioner.
Step 4: Remove the chain plate device.
2. Demolition of drive device and spindle device:
First dismantle the drive device, loosely and evenly loosen the bolts connecting the drive device and the locking plate of the spindle device, remove the drive device, and then remove the cover, stuffy cover, spacer, retaining ring, etc. on the bearing seat of the spindle device. Parts, and then install the disassembly washer MB74H and disassembly nut HM74H, remove the rolling bearing by displacing the withdrawal screw on the nut and displacing the taper bushing.
3. Demolition of the sprocket and supporting wheel of the main shaft device: The sprocket wheel and supporting wheel can be detached from the expansion sleeve by gradually loosening and loosening the set screws on the expansion sleeve of the sprocket and supporting wheel. Screw.
4. Loosen the nut on the tail tensioner by tapping the wrench D137-11, and then move the two rollers to the minimum position of the tensioner to relax the entire chain plate.
5. Find the hinge of the chain carefully (marked when installing). You can remove the chain link and chain link pin by tapping it with the handkerchief. The chain plate device is divided into several sections and suspended by a crane.
6. Replace the damaged roller and carrier chain wheel and its support, and keep the parallelism of the roller centerline and the horizontal plane of the rack to be 1/1000mm of the width of the chain plate.
7. Connect all the new chain plates into several sections. Use a steel plate to fit the chain plate devices under the plate feeder frame. Keep the height of the side plates of the chain plate consistent with the height of the carrier chain wheel, and lift one end of the chain plate. The chain plate slides from one end to the other, and when it moves to a certain distance, it can be connected to the other end of the chain plate.
8. Install the spindle device to ensure that the tightening torque of each screw on the sprocket expansion sleeve is 580N.m.
9. And re-tighten the bolts connecting the chain and the chain plate.
10. Install the drive device, and the torque rod should be installed according to the position.
11. Tighten the locking plate and assembly support.

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