How to prevent wheat from freezing during wintering

    First, the right amount of topdressing. Fertilizing the wheat field before sowing, and topdressing the wheat before wintering, can enhance the cold resistance of the plant itself. When topdressing, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be mixed, and the proportion should be appropriate. Special attention should be paid to the application of phosphate fertilizer. It is forbidden to apply nitrogen fertilizer to avoid causing the growth of the stem tissue of the plant to be too soft and to reduce the cold resistance and lodging resistance.


    Second, cover the manure. Dryland wheat lines between 300 to 400 kilograms per mu applicator bran, shredded wheat straw. This method not only protects and freezes, but also improves soil and fertilizes soil. It is an effective measure for drought resistance, antifreeze and yield increase of wheat. In addition, after the wheat enters the wintering period, a layer of manure is applied along the ridge, commonly known as “warm ditch”, which can avoid wind and moisture, increase temperature and freeze, and supplement nutrients for the growth of wheat seedlings. The thickness of the cover manure is preferably 3 to 4 cm.


    Third, the earthen roots. When the wheat seedlings are about to stop growing before wintering, combined with the roots of the soil, it can effectively prevent the wheat from freezing during the winter. In the colder, more arid and windy years, the effect of bauxite rooting is obvious, generally increasing yield by 5% to 10% .


    Fourth, timely winter irrigation. The straw is returned to the wheat field or the winter drought year, and a winter irrigation is carried out before the arrival of the cold air. Timely winter irrigation can significantly protect seedlings and increase production, and timely tillage and suppression after winter irrigation to protect the sputum.


    5. Timely cultivating. Timely cultivating can prevent drought and prevent phlegm and prevent freezing damage. For the late glutinous wheat field, the lower wet wheat field, more cultivating, early cultivating, can play a role in ensuring warming.


    Sixth, spraying hormones. For example, wheat grows long before wintering, especially when there are signs of winter jointing, and should be sprayed with 0.3% to 0.5% of stiletto leaves before the arrival of cold air . After the spring, it is necessary to crack down on sunny days to control the growth of the aboveground parts of wheat, or to apply soil fertilizer or mud to protect the tillers and young ears.


    ( Source: Gansu Farmers' Report )



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