Hubei Qingneng Group went to Dashidai Stone Industry Park to discuss cooperation matters

On April 16th, the relevant leaders of Hubei Qingneng Group once again came to Hubei Dashidai Stone Industrial Park, and the two sides cooperated to conduct the second negotiation. On March 28th, Zhu Wankui, deputy secretary and general manager of Hubei Qingneng Group, went to Hubei Dashidai Stone Industrial Park for investment investigation. Tu Jun, leader of the Industrial Leading Group of the Standing Committee of the Communist Youth League Committee, participated in the negotiations on investment cooperation. . As the first stone city in Central China to provide 50 years of independent property rights and bank mortgages, Dashidai not only breaks the traditional way of renting the stone industry, but also protects stone people from relocation. At the same time, it can maintain value and increase value, realizing the dream of stone people owning factories and shops with independent property rights. General Manager Zhu Wankui said that dispersion and pollution have always restricted the development of the stone industry. Dashidai Stone City can bring businesses together, which is a big step for the transformation of the stone industry. At the same time, Zhu Wankui put forward his own opinions and suggestions based on the environmental advantages, investment policies, service packages and terminal logistics in the future development of Dashidai Stone City. Among them, General Manager Zhu Wankui expressed his strong interest in the planned Luohuozhou dock block.

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