Industrial manufacturing is "smart"

Abstract Where are the accessories needed for the production process? How to use the idle production capacity of CNC machine tools? How is the operation of large equipment? Today, these problems can be quickly found through the Industrial Internet. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has continuously connected the industry...

Where are the accessories needed for the production process? How to use the idle production capacity of CNC machine tools? How is the operation of large equipment? Today, these problems can be quickly found through the Industrial Internet.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has successively issued important policies and plans for the development of industrial Internet platforms and the development of industrial Internet. Why is the Industrial Internet so important? How is the situation of developing the industrial Internet in China? Let us take a look at "close range".

Industrial Internet is the result of deep integration of various links and elements of the Internet and industrial systems

“Chinese solid wood bed, made by Nankang.” Nankang District, Cangzhou City, Jiangxi Province is an important furniture industry cluster in China. For a long time, Nankang's furniture industry has faced problems such as low level of informationization, lack of flexibility in production methods, low added value, and serious homogenization. In recent years, the Aerospace Cloud Network, built by China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, has launched the “Internet + Furniture Manufacturing” industry cloud platform in the local role of the industrial Internet public platform. The process coverage and the all-factor supply platform for the whole line have injected new vitality into Nankang's furniture industry.

“The online 3D printing platform has shortened the furniture sample production cycle by an average of 18 hours.” Xu Wei, deputy general manager of Aerospace Cloud Network, said that 3D printing furniture manufacturing technology is the key technology provided by Aerospace Cloud Network for the transformation and upgrading of Nankang furniture industry. service. In the past, Nankang furniture design cycle is long, it is difficult to meet market demand, and the cost of self-purchasing 3D printing equipment is high, and small businesses cannot afford it. "The one-stop service of 3D printing provided by the Industrial Internet has achieved rapid iteration from furniture design, modeling, printing, to review and modification. The company not only shortens the trial production time, but also reduces the design cost and improves the design efficiency."

"Industrial Internet is the result of deep integration of various links and elements of the Internet and industrial systems." Zhong Nan, deputy director of the Aerospace Cloud Network Development Department, said that the entire life cycle of a product includes research, design, manufacturing, and service. The various stages of operation form a number of “chains”, which also include various production factors. "Connecting these 'chain' elements with the Internet means the prototype of the Industrial Internet."

In addition to improving efficiency, the Industrial Internet has also promoted the intensification and scale of production, bringing new opportunities for green development. Zhong Nan believes that relying on the industrial Internet platform, enterprise users can realize the system integration of information, services and equipment. The platform is compatible with different industries and enterprises to realize information exchange, resource sharing, capacity coordination, open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win. Optimize choices and create greater value.

The downstream application scenarios are fed back to the upstream vendors through data collection and centralized processing.

An embroidery machine realizes capacity prediction and multi-factory cooperation through equipment connection and data sharing; the platform can monitor the operation, maintenance and fault conditions of the equipment in real time, and the equipment manufacturers proactively provide repair and maintenance services; the excellent pattern makers are gathered on the platform. The pattern of the pattern is uploaded to form a standardized file. The embroidery factory can download the “content” to be embroidered directly from the platform and pay according to the result; the user can provide the customized embroidery pattern and send the operation instruction to the corresponding industrial embroidery machine... ...when the embroidery machine "hugs" the industrial Internet, it has a fashion paradigm.

The damage rate of the embroidery machine is high, the quality of the embroidery is poor, and the service is not in place. It has always caused headaches for domestic textile manufacturers, and the embroidery machine industry is also facing problems such as weak overall competitiveness, disorderly development, and low profit margin. “The textile industry Internet platform has enabled equipment manufacturers to change from selling machines to selling services. Similarly, textile manufacturers are not buying embroidery machines, but embroidering finished products.” Senior Vice President, Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd. Huang Luchuan said.

The Industrial Internet can feed downstream application scenarios to upstream vendors, collect some of the data that was originally "thrown away" and distribute it to users. Huang Luchuan said that this aspect can promote the improvement of equipment utilization, on the other hand, it can also enable manufacturers to continuously improve the process and quality of equipment. This “smart sewing” solution reduces product defect rates by 20%, and the user can reduce the loss of production due to unplanned repairs by more than 30% per year.

Huang Luchuan said that as an industrial Internet platform, Shugen’s “root cloud” has connected 450,000 units, covering 42 sub-sectors such as CNC machine tools, medical equipment, agricultural machinery and generator sets. Among them, in the field of engineering machinery, the construction parameters of real-time platform acquisition equipment, the “excavator index” created by data such as operating rate and construction time, reflect the changes in macroeconomics and fixed asset investment to a certain extent, and provide decision-making for government departments. reference.

Huang Luchuan believes that solving the pain points of insufficient funds and lack of technology for SMEs will become the direction of industrial Internet development - setting up a lower threshold industrial Internet solution, enabling enterprises to access more quickly, conveniently and at low cost. "Doing it 'plug and play' without a strong IT foundation, this will be the service that the majority of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies really need in the future."

China's industrial Internet development has favorable conditions, and its development is still at an early stage.

In June this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Industrial Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020)", proposing the "improved industrial Internet infrastructure and industrial system by the end of 2020", including the selection of 10 batches by batch. A cross-industry cross-industry platform, promoting more than 300,000 industrial enterprises, and cultivating more than 300,000 industrial APPs.

"One of the major advantages of China's development of the industrial Internet is the industrial system with the entire industrial chain, and the core position of the industrial Internet is the interconnection of the industrial chain." Huang Luchuan said that from energy mining to fine chemicals, from parts processing to machine production, The entire industry chain will bring a wealth of application scenarios. "If you leave the industry chain interconnection, it is only the realization of enterprise information, not the industrial Internet."

Xu Wei believes that China's manufacturing industry is relatively complete, and the consumer Internet is relatively developed, which has created favorable conditions for the development of the industrial Internet. At present, in the process of industrial development in China, we must work hard to “replenish classes”, promote the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, and change the way of industrial development. "It requires a lot of investment, and it also needs the promotion of policies. It is even more necessary for enterprises to do their work."

“Future industrial systems will have more collaborative manufacturing.” Huang Luchuan believes that the rapid development of the industrial Internet has made online manufacturing a future trend. “When design capabilities and processing capabilities are packaged into industrial Internet, one online is available. The 'components' can be manufactured with knowledge and creativity. Only by working hard to make the underlying platform more standardized, the industrial Internet can achieve better synergy."

"At present, the development of industrial Internet is still at an early stage, and it is necessary to pay attention to ecological construction." Xu Wei said that the global manufacturing industry is in a critical period of the combination of mass technological breakthrough and fundamental institutional innovation. The construction of industrial Internet ecology requires a process. The ecosystem is mature and will be a major development opportunity for the entire platform and enterprises.

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