Integrated TV background wall decoration cheats make your new home without regret

The living room is the main place for visitors, so you need to make a good decoration. In particular, as the protagonist of the video wall can not be underestimated, that the building of integrated TV wall material used what good? Decoration need to pay attention to what matters? The following on the TV background wall decoration cheats to share for everyone, take a look.

1. What are the materials of the integrated TV background wall?

a. Tiles

The use of tiles to create an integrated TV wall should be more than ordinary, but the TV wall decorated with ceramic tiles is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but is also more convenient for future cleaning and maintenance. It is not easily damaged and has a long service life.

b, wallpaper

Wallpaper wall is also one of the most common decorative methods, creating a warm and stylish effect. However, after a long period of time, the wallpaper will be detached due to wet weather, and the service life will not be as good as the tiles.

c. Wood material

Many people who like to be close to nature will favor this kind of TV background wall. In fact, the effect created is also very good, simple and comfortable; and the use of wood is cheap and economical and affordable.

d. Diatom mud

In recent years, more popular diatom mud has integrated TV background walls. Because the diatom mud wall is not only superior in performance, but also has the effect of eliminating formaldehyde and purifying the air. The whole living room is built, showing a different effect, but also particularly durable, flame-retardant and so on.

e, painted

The video wall made of such materials is also prevalent, but its price will be more expensive, and the construction will be more cumbersome. So, look at your choice.

2, TV wall decoration matters needing attention

First of all, the decoration of the living room TV background wall should be determined according to the size of the living room, and different lamps of different sizes are applicable. If the living room is small, it is not advisable to use materials such as marble or ceramic tiles. Instead, use warmer materials. Otherwise, it will only appear cramped.

Second, light is also a factor to consider when building a TV background wall. If the light in the home is not bright enough, then use video wall materials that can increase the light, such as glass, metal, etc., so as to enhance the spaciousness and brightness of the living room.

Xiao Bian concludes the above: The above is the introduction of the integration of TV wall materials and what needs to pay attention to the decoration of the TV background wall, I hope the contents of Xiao Bian to help everyone. After all, renovation is not easy and simple. Every detail in the house should be treated seriously. It is only comfortable and warm to live in.

Integrated TV background wall

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