Integrated wallboard good or bad three integrated wallboard material recommended

With the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of high quality of life, there are more and more new types of decorative materials on the market, and integrated wallboard stands out among many new types of decoration materials and is deeply loved by the majority of decoration owners. So well integrated wallboard bad? Integrated wallboard material and which do? And small series with a look!

Integrated wallboard is not good - integrated wallboard advantages

1. The integrated wallboard has good sound insulation performance, which can ensure that people's private living space is not disturbed, and to a certain extent can effectively solve environmental problems caused by environmental noise pollution.

2. Integrated wallboard is one of the most ideal alternative decoration materials for traditional wallpaper and wall coverings. It has various shapes and colors, which can increase the sense of layering of the overall decoration space, thus creating a more comfortable and safe home. living environment.

3. It is a new type of environmental protection decoration material. It does not produce irritating odors and harmful gases such as formaldehyde during the installation process. It allows consumers to use it more safely and safely, thus providing occupants with health and comfort. Family living environment.

4. The difference between integrated wallboard and other wall materials is that it follows the traditional buckle plate installation method, and the operation is simpler and more convenient. It is only necessary to level the rough house wall directly with the cement mortar, and then it can be directly Its installation on the wall reduces construction difficulty and construction time.

Integrated wallboard is not good - integrated wallboard defects

1.Integrated wallboard is not suitable for use in the kitchen. Although it is easy to clean, it is easy to accumulate too much oil on the surface of integrated wallboards in kitchens where there is a lot of soot and moisture, resulting in wallboards. The material fades and reduces its decorative properties.

2. During the installation process, the integrated wallboard is easily scratched by sharp objects, resulting in irreparable scratches, which greatly affect the aesthetic appearance of the decorative wall.

Three integrated wallboard materials recommended

1. Ecological stone integrated wall board

Eco-stone integrated wallboard has a natural marble pattern and color, which is very nice to use. Moreover, the weight it has will be lighter than traditional stone materials, which can reduce the overall load bearing capacity of the house structure, thereby improving the stability of the house.

2. Solid wood integrated wall panels

Solid wood integrated wallboard has good UV absorption function. Using this kind of wallboard material not only can properly alleviate people's eye fatigue, but also can improve the overall house's sense of quality and decoration, creating a more comfortable and comfortable for the occupants. And a healthy home living environment.

3. Other polymer type integrated wallboard

This kind of polymer integrated wallboard material is made of special high-tech processing technology and has good resistance to deformation and corrosion resistance. It not only uses a stable performance, but also has a modern and popular European and American style, and is favored by many owners of office buildings, villas and homes.

Xiao Bian Conclusion: Through the above advantages and disadvantages of small series of integrated wallboard and introduce some related materials, you feel good integrated wallboard do hope that we can help, more if you also want to know or advice? Questions, welcome to pay attention to this site!

Integrated wallboard is good

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