Japanese 3D printing simulation doll: real human clones

Real human clone doll is extremely high in simulation

For Japanese brides, the wedding photos are outdated. The most fashionable thing today is to make a 3D printed real human clone doll for the bride, let it permanently record the bride's appearance on the wedding day.

Japanese 3D printing simulation doll: real human clones

Real human cloning

Tokyo's Akihabara's "Clone Factory" offers a 3D printed live clone doll service.

The cloning factory focuses on head treatment and the body part uses the doll's body. Photographers need to use a SLR camera to shoot a large-scale photo for a customer who wants to make a real-life cloned doll, then input the data into a computer, synthesize a 3D model, and then print the finished product with a 3D printer. For the bride, all the makeup, hairstyles and wedding dresses on the face can be copied.

The real cloned doll is called "I". The entire service charge is 138,000 yen (about 1456 US dollars). From the photos published on the 16th of the British "Daily Mail", the simulation level of this real-life cloned doll is staggering.

The clone factory official website said that according to the same process, they can also make cloned dolls for pets.

Process exploration

Danny, the founder of the "Japanese Culture" website, took a look at the clone factory and was allowed to take a photo of the doll making process.

There is a chair in the center of the photo studio, and there are a lot of SLR cameras around, even on the ceiling. Danny Zhou sat in the chair as a client and the camera began to take pictures of his head.

On one side of the room is a workbench that handles the 3D printing related process. The staff processes the image data through the computer and uses it to make a 3D model of the Danny Week head. The final step is to print using the ZPrinter 6503D printer. There is a tray in the printer to make the doll's plaster. The doll will be born in the tray, but it will not be seen from the surface when it comes out, but it will be covered by a protective film. Next to the printer is a machine for handling excess gypsum, and the staff uses a special tool to “blow” off excess gypsum powder.

If you choose a more advanced printer, you can even make the face of a cloned doll tender as baby.

During the exploration process, Mr. King, the owner of the clone factory, also showed his 3D printed clone doll to Danny Zhou.

A few days later, Danny Zhou got his own cloned doll. According to his request, the producer gave the doll's head the body of a stormtrooper in Star Wars.

3D printing

The 3D printer appeared in the mid-1990s and is actually a rapid prototyping device that uses technologies such as photocuring and paper lamination. It works in the same way as a normal printer. The printer is equipped with "printing materials" such as liquid or powder. After connecting with the computer, the "printing materials" are layered by computer control, and finally the blueprint on the computer is turned into a real object.

Since 3D printing technology does not require the designer to use tools, mechanical or manual processing, it is very convenient to modify the design details only on the computer. This technology is now used in many areas, and it is used to make garments, architectural models, cars, chocolate desserts, and even bones and blood vessels.

The live cloned doll service is popular with those who “hope to retain women at specific moments in their lives”. Especially on the wedding day, the bride is willing to spend a sum of money to keep her makeup and even dress.

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