King Kong network security window advantages and disadvantages King Kong network security window purchase skills

Nowadays, in order to prevent thieves from entering their homes and avoiding the loss of their belongings, people will choose to install security windows outside the windows of their homes. The type of security window is particularly large, and the King Kong network security window is one of them. This kind of security window has many advantages, so it has been loved by people when it appears. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the King Kong network security window and the purchase tips and installation precautions.


King Kong net security window advantages:

1. King Kong's security window is made of fine stainless steel wire. The technology is very fine, and the surface is sprayed with matt finish. It is used for installation on aluminum doors and windows, with anti-theft function window.

2, high-quality mesh is treated by electrophoretic painting, can withstand the danger of serious weather or environmental corrosion (such as acid rain) for a long time.

3, King Kong net security window each of the weaving points is very small, each square is uniform in size, can block mosquito invasion, and does not affect the appearance.

4, King Kong network security window from the indoor to the outside is like a layer of colored glass is clear, while the outdoor looking indoors is blurred.

5, King Kong net material is 304 stainless steel wire, has a high anti-rust, anti-destructive ability, so the anti-theft function is superior.

The defects of King Kong's security window:

1. The hardness of King Kong net is relatively large, so it has poor elasticity performance and has the function of automatic rebound in time. It is also very limited.

2, the diamond mesh track is installed relatively small, so the friction will increase, this will also be the screen window bombs will not come back.

King Kong net security window purchase tips:

1, the outer frame

Its firmness is also an important factor in selecting anti-theft screens. The thick and solid frame can play the role of fixing the gauze. The outer frame with better airtightness can better prevent smashing, increase the difficulty of theft tool and extend the protection time. Aluminum alloy profiles with a thickness of 1.4 to 2.0 mm should be used.

2, hardware

The accessories of the anti-theft screen door and window are an important part of the anti-theft. Locks, stainless steel lock points, handles, etc. are the key points of installation. A security window, if the quality of the lock is not up to standard, the anti-theft function will be greatly reduced. The multi-point fixed multi-point fixed key design enhances the anti-theft function.


King Kong net security window installation notes:

1. Choose a formal, credit-worthy company to cooperate, so that it is more secure, even if there are any problems, it can be better solved.

2. Choose a stainless steel pipe containing a certain amount of nickel and chromium (SUS304) so ​​as to ensure no rust; the thicker the pipe, the stronger it is.

3. When installing the door-to-door measurement, it is necessary to explain the need to install the air-conditioner to open a small door for easy installation and maintenance; the security window is best installed before the finish of the home group, so that the security window is only needed after installation. Simple cleaning.

4. After the installation is completed, the owner should check to see if all the screws are installed to prevent them from being stolen.

The above content is the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of the King Kong security window and the introduction of the installation tips and installation precautions for everyone's reference. I believe that after reading this article, there will be a security window for King Kong. I understand that I hope to provide some suggestions to friends who want to install security windows at home. For more exciting home improvement content, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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