LED eye injury is a medical problem?

"In addition to mobile phones and lighting, LEDs are now more and more used in our lives." Recently, the theme hosted by Shanghai Association for Science and Technology and Shanghai University is "Chinese and Foreign Academicians Expert Dialogue - LED: Great Science is for the benefit of The "human" science and technology association forum was held in the Science Hall. The Chinese and foreign academicians attending the conference shared the pros and cons of LED as a green light source.

"In addition to the aerospace industry, LEDs are becoming more and more popular in civilian use, such as car brake lights. After we tested, the ordinary bulbs and LED bulbs were compared at the same speed, and the LED response was faster." However, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Zhang Tao, a researcher at the Institute of Technical Physics, said: "As a functional lighting, there is still a saying in the industry that LED blue light spills can cause damage to the human retina. Therefore, our country is developing LED related standards to provide quality control for enterprises. specification."

In this regard, Hu Ling, an academician of the US Academy of Sciences and an academician of the American Academy of Engineering, who has made outstanding achievements in the field of LEDs, said: "LED is artificial light, which can produce any light source such as reddish and cold. Which kind of light is the most comfortable and safe, LED is completely It can be made. As for which kind of light is best for the human body, it is a medical problem, not an LED problem."

Since the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a Japanese scientist who invented LEDs, the attendees were more concerned about when Chinese scientists would receive the Nobel Prize in science and technology. In this regard, Hu Ling believes that science cannot accurately "plan". "Nakamura Shuji I also know that his LED is not what the company asked him to do, but he has to do it himself. He never thought of the winner, but he won the prize."

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