[Maintenance of integrated ceiling] Different space different maintenance methods

Once the integrated ceiling is installed, it will be used for several decades. In the decades of use, we must maintain and maintain the integrated ceiling to ensure a certain service life. Usually we all know how to maintain the integrated ceiling. Yes, the maintenance methods for the integrated ceilings in different spaces are also different. Let's take a look at how the integrated ceilings in each space are maintained!

The ceilings in different spaces have different cleaning conditions. In general, the ceiling of the kitchen is easily stained with oil, and there are more water vapors in the ceiling of the bathroom, and the ceilings of the living room, bedroom, balcony, aisle and other spaces are stained with dust and other stains.

Kitchen ceiling cleaning

The lining plate in the kitchen will choose the brushed or nano-plate. Generally, it has very good oil resistance. Just use a soft cloth to wipe it off. However, if there is no cleaning for a long time, the ceiling will absorb a lot of oil stains. At this time, use a small amount of detergent, use a soft cloth with strong water absorption and then wipe it with water.

Bathroom ceiling cleaning

Normally there is no oil in the bathroom, so it is good to take care of cleaning. However, when the water vapor in the bathroom is large, when choosing the bathroom ceiling, pay attention to the waterproof material with good ceiling material. Bathroom ceilings often use a soft cloth to wipe off the water vapor just fine. Usually every one or two months, time to clean the bathroom ceiling can be used to clean the kitchen ceiling.

Other space ceiling cleaning

The suspended ceilings of living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, etc. rarely face the problem of oil stains, and there is little chance of moisture vapors. Therefore, the cleanliness of ceilings in these spaces is mainly dust removal. Usually you can remove the dust with a soft cloth.

Pay attention to daily cleanliness ceiling cleaning tips

Compared to other home parts, ceilings are rarely touched because of their high height, so they are less likely to get dirty. However, it cannot ignore the cleaning and maintenance of the ceiling. Here are some tips for cleaning ceilings.

Avoid using hard objects to clean the ceiling

When cleaning the ceiling of a bright panel, special attention should be paid to not scrubbing with tools such as hard objects and cleaning balls, as this will leave small scratches on the glossy panel, which will affect the aesthetic appearance of the ceiling.

Regular deep cleaning

The membranes should be cleaned once a month, and it is OK to clean the drawing plate with the nano-roller for half a year or even a year. Deep cleaning should be carried out in two separate passes. The first time, it should be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with water, and the second time it should be wiped with clean water. The ventilation can be dried naturally.

Use proper force to protect the ceiling during cleaning

When scrubbing the middle part of the panel, the force can be slightly larger, but when scrubbing the panel around, the force should be light, so as not to affect the flatness of the integrated ceiling.

Using a small brush to clean ceiling panels

Slab seams in kitchen ceilings are generally susceptible to oil contamination, and can be scrubbed with a brush, cleaning agent, and then wiped with a soft cloth. Pay attention to the lighting circuit without water.

Keep in mind protective measures Ceiling maintenance considerations

Compared with the general ceiling, integrated ceiling installation is more convenient, the effect is more stylish and beautiful, so many families of kitchen, bathroom and other space are made into integrated ceiling. In addition to paying attention to some of the issues mentioned above, the following points need attention in the cleaning and maintenance of integrated ceilings.

Integrated ceiling maintenance

Integrated ceiling is generally installed in the kitchen, bathroom and other fumes, water spots more space. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly wipe off the stains on the suspended ceiling. In the event of oil and scale, the soft part can be used for cleaning. If you are experiencing a single chip that is damaged or heavily soiled, you can remove the update, but pay attention to the color difference. In addition, anti-oil protection agents can also be applied to ceiling gaps.

Maintenance of integrated ceiling heating module

Do not switch the heating module frequently. During operation, ensure that there is no large vibration around. Otherwise, the service life of the heating lamp will be affected. When it is turned on after a long period of inactivity, do a circuit and light bulb inspection. Open 3-5 minutes to see if operating normally. In case of problems, please ask professional technicians to overhaul.

Maintenance of integrated ceiling lighting module

When using the light, try not to switch frequently. Because at the instant of frequent start-up, the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation, which will cause the filament temperature to rise sharply to accelerate sublimation, thereby greatly reducing its service life. In addition, after the lamp has been used for a period of time, the luminous flux will be greatly reduced, and the lamp will become darker. At this time, attention should be paid to replacing the new lamp source in time.

Maintenance of integrated ceiling ventilation module

Integrated ceiling ventilation fans should not be switched on and off regularly, and oil should be regularly removed. Do not use chemical solutions with strong corrosiveness when cleaning. Otherwise, plastic parts and outer paint can be easily damaged. Lubricate the motor regularly. When the ventilation fan is reinstalled after cleaning, the fan nuts must be tightened to prevent the blades from rotating out after power is turned on and accidents may occur.

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