Make a built-in closet for your bedroom!

If you want to save the bedroom space and want to facilitate storage, then the built-in bedroom closet is sure to be your first choice. So when we are decorating, how do we make a built-in bedroom closet? And listen to Nantong furniture Xiaobian slowly give you a message~

Built-in bedroom closet

Many people always encounter a problem when buying or customizing a wardrobe in the market. The size of the wardrobe that is bought is inconsistent with the size of the room, which is very troublesome. When the bedroom closet is designed in the living room, it is only necessary to match the closet door according to the style of the room. The combination of partitions in the closet, any combination constitutes the storage space required by the individual. This combines the wardrobe with the decoration of the room, and the space utilization rate reaches 100%.

The bedroom closet is actually a cabinet embedded in the wall. It can be used as a closet to store clothes, or as a cabinet, set in the kitchen.

The main advantage of the closet is that it saves space. The design embedded in the wall greatly saves space and enhances the usability of the space. Moreover, from the outside, the cabinet feels very small and thin, and does not have a heavy feeling and is beautiful. The closet door is mostly a sliding door, which saves space for opening the door, and is especially suitable for a small room type. So the bedroom closet is popular.

How to use the closet door to make a cheap and beautiful wall cabinet?

The use of sliding doors in bedroom closets not only makes us easy to operate, but also easy to operate, energy saving and environmentally friendly. In some bedroom closets, there are also elastic stretching equipment, which can be upgraded, simple and practical, reflecting the original design idea. So in the wardrobe, where is the drawer, where is the partition, where to put the clothes, will be You arrange, even towels, socks, and ties are all there. Some wall cabinets are also equipped with pants racks with pulleys. You can hang up a dozen pants in a neat manner, keep them ventilated, no wrinkles, at a glance, and easy to take. .

For a room with a concave wall in the structure (or a room with a wardrobe on the whole wall), it is necessary to install a combination partition in the concave wall and then install a set of closet doors to become a beautiful and durable wall cabinet. The wall inside the cabinet can be directly smeared with interior paint or wallpaper.

The size of the track box on the upper part of the sliding door of the bedroom closet is guaranteed to be 12 cm high and 9 cm wide. Like the curtain box, a rail is mounted in the track box to suspend the sliding door on the rail.

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